The Thin Dead Line

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The Thin Dead Line

Previously on Previously on Angel, we saw the exact same scenes over and over again in varying orders. Tonight things are no different, except we see bonus shots of Kate's dad getting killed as well. Oh yeah, and apparently Cordy's clown shirt is an important plot element, because its passage from the hotel to Anne's shelter is duly noted.

Angel arrives at the Hyperion after a hard night of...well, who knows. Plotting another wacky sting against Wolfram & Hart, perhaps. He looks around the lobby and thinks, "Silence! Blessed, comforting silence! No bickering happening! Firing those chatterboxes was the best thing I've ever done!" Just to prove the point, he shoves some junk off the counter so that it makes a nice thunking noise. "And no one complains when I make a mess! Ah, sweet solitude." Angel folds his arms and looks about the hotel triumphantly, lord of all he surveys.

Across town, we're not so lucky. Wesley's talking. He's wishing he had a band of demons for company, but alas there's just Gunn and Cordy. Gunn seems to be practicing sleight-of-hand. Odd. In Cordelia-fashion news, she's wearing a dip-dyed yellow and orange shirt. It's garish, but it's not really too horrid. I can't bear to talk about her hair anymore. Wesley picks up the newspaper from outside the office door and tosses it to Gunn. Gunn opens it and reads the headline, about some mass slaughter discovered on an Amtrak train in Sunnydale. Boring. He turns to the sports page. Huh? Oh, Wesley's still talking. He thinks they need to "make a name for [themselves]." He says that they need to go looking for evil to battle, people to save, adding, "We can't expect evil to just walk through the door." Remember in "To Shanshu in LA," when Nabbit said something about how at any moment a demon could walk through the door, and then they all turned and looked at the door and waited, and nothing happened? See, that was mildly amusing, because it's rare that evil misses a cue like that. This is the opposite of that, because the door immediately opens and evil enters. It's also the opposite of amusing because, well, we've talked about how "predictable" and "funny" don't really go together. Quite a few times. Anyway, evil, in this case, has taken the form of Francine Sharp and her daughter Stephanie. Francine says that she's friends with Virginia, who suggested she see them. While Cordelia burbles perkily about how professional the MoG are, she walks behind Stephanie and suddenly stammers to a close. Ew. Stephanie's got a Keeper! There's a bald patch on the back of Stephanie's head, in the center of which is a rather nicely done eyeball. Congratulations on your budget, FX people. Wesley and Gunn rush to check out Stephanie's third eye. Francine explains, "Something grabbed Stephanie on the way home from swim practice and bit her. When she woke up this morning, that was there." Wesley kneels by Stephanie and asks if she saw her attacker. Stephanie silently turns to Francine, who says, "It was dark, she doesn't remember much. She's been in a state of shock since it happened." Who suspects that the mother is evil? Wow, look at all those hands. Wait a second -- an evil mother? That can't be. It must be the father. Or else the whole world's gone mad. Wesley assures them that they'll take care of the eye, although it may take some time. He says, "You'd be surprised how many nasty things are on the streets these days." Like blipverts, for instance.

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