The Girl In Question

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Commedia Del Dolore

Props to Willowbrook and sabi.

Dramatic twang on the soundtrack as we zoom in on Gunn and Angel, mid-pedeconference. Gunn's given up on the suits for good, it seems, since he's wearing a hoodie. But he's got a vest over it, so I guess it's okay for the office. He may have gotten even taller, too, because he's a couple of inches taller than Boreanaz in this shot. Am I spending too much time on Gunn's appearance? It doesn't seem like that's possible. Especially this week. Right, Gunn's arguing with Angel about some impending trouble, and pointedly says, "Just don't want to lose another baby with the bathwater." Angel finally agrees to put Spicule on the case. Whatever it is.

But Spicule isn't interested, because he's busy playing some handheld video game in Angel's office. Gunn argues, "This is a delicate matter that needs to be handled with a lot of finesse," and then interrupts himself to wonder why they're giving Spicule this job. Which saves me from asking. Gunn moves on to the exposition, and says that they need to retrieve a demon's body from Italy in order to avert a gang war. The demon is the capo of some demon cult, and he wasn't overly destructive, but if there's a new leader, things will get ugly. However, if the body is returned home within the next day, they'll do a ritual to bring him back to life. And then he'll start sleeping with Spicule. Maybe that's why Angel suggested him for this job. Spicule's still protesting when the phone rings. Angel answers and gasps, "What?!" to get everyone's attention. After some more concerned mutterings, he hangs up, and a bored Spicule asks, "What is it this time? Über-vamps? Demon gods? Devil robots?" Angel frowns and says, "It's Buffy." So, worse than all those things, then.

Credits. Which were apparently replaced this week by coded messages reading "We at Mutant Enemy are flag-burning ingrates who are well aware of every opinion held by the many factions of Angel fans online, even though they make up a relatively small portion of our audience, and so we have maliciously crafted this episode in order to offend them, because we've got nothing else to do with our time." I didn't catch that message myself, but judging by the outcry, I can only assume it was there.

When we return, Angel is storming down the hall, Gunn and Spicule in hot pursuit. Spicule wants to know if Buffy's okay, and Angel snaps, "She will be when I get there." He finally turns and says, "The Immortal." Spicule looks crestfallen, and Gunn asks, "Who?" Making Spicule stand between Gunn and Angel is just mean. It looks like he's a fifteen-year-old interrupting a conversation among the adults. Spicule explains that the Immortal is "the foulest evil hell ever vomited forth." So we already know he's a good match for Buffy. Angel explains that the Immortal was seen with Buffy in Rome. Gunn interjects that the demon they need to retrieve is also in Rome. Everyone figures that the Immortal must have killed the demon. Angel adds, "Lures me to Rome, takes out a Slayer and a vampire with a soul." Gunn adds that killing the demon will start a war, and, with some admiration, sighs, "This guy's good." Aw. I'll bet Gunn wishes he were the Immortal's sidekick. Angel tells Harmony to get the jet ready for him, and heads for the elevator. Spicule follows, insisting that he should come along. Angel goes back into Shatner mode as he crabs, "You're only gonna make things worse!" But Spicule gets in the elevator with Angel anyway, saying, "We get the capo's body, we rescue Buffy, we stop the Immortal. It's that simple. Unless he kills you. Which would be sad."

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