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Evil 101

Blipvert to Pacoima. Wesley, Cordy, and Connor approach a house with a small sign that reads, "Svear, Mon - Fri, 11 AM - 4 PM." I was going to complain that they were arriving after hours, but I keep forgetting about the sun being gone, so it might be daytime now. Wesley rings the bell, waits, knocks, and finally tries the door, which opens.

The MoG call around in the dark house to see if anyone's home. Connor spots some family photos and asks if the mother is the priestess. Cordy says, "I think all the women in the family are." If that's not a Charmed shout-out, it sure reads as one. Cordy looks at a table covered with mail and papers. She sniffs and frowns, "What is that?" They all peer into the kitchen, where the bodies of the family are rotting quietly. Oops.

After the ads, Wesley gives his insightful opinion: "We're too late." How do they manage without him? But then he adds, "Again," which amuses me. Cordy wonders how Satan always knows what they're going to do: "It's like he's psychic." Wesley examines the bodies while Connor wonders if Satan is watching them at the Hyperion. Cordy suggests that Angelus could have tipped Satan off. Wesley says that the family has been dead for days, so it couldn't have been Angelus. Connor is horrified at the idea that the bodies have been there all that time. I guess Connor doesn't have super-sniffing powers, considering it took a few minutes for anyone to notice the smell. Wesley guesses that nobody noticed anything with all the other wackiness in the city lately. Cordy grouses that they should have guessed this would happen, and Wesley agrees. How could they have predicted it, exactly, when they only found out the priestesses existed about an hour ago? Wesley says they should look around and then call the cops. Connor stares into space, unmoving. After about two seconds of searching, Wesley picks up a piece of paper and says, "A banishment incantation. At least, I think it is." Oh, great. It's probably a casserole recipe. Cordy guesses that the Svear were trying to banish Satan. "It seems so," Wesley agrees. Wesley still hasn't learned any lessons about jumping to conclusions, has he? Connor turns to look at a calendar on the fridge, helpfully allowing us to establish that it's January on the show. Or possibly next October, but January seems like a safer bet. The 23rd has a heart drawn on it, with the note "Daddy's birthday." Connor looks at the bodies again and makes for the door.

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