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Evil 101

Flashback. Soldiers' bodies are lying on the ground. Angelus narrates: "The little massacre I ran into was seriously lacking in military precision. Bodies, bodies, everywhere, and not a drop to drink." We see Angelus and his wig strolling among the corpses. He's on foot. Okay, now it makes sense that the "shortcut" took him so long. Get a horse, you idiot! Angelus says he followed the trail and found "the one you so cleverly call 'The Beast.'" Satan punches a soldier. Angelus snaps another soldier's neck under his boot. He and Satan look at each other. Angelus explains, "He'd staged the carnage to impress me." That's kind of sweet. You should see some of the birthday wishes I get. Wesley asks why Satan was trying to get Angelus' attention. Angelus explains, "Girl trouble. He thought I might be able to help him with a situation."

Upstairs, Cary, Cordy, and Fred watch on the monitor. It's not clear if Gunn is off sulking somewhere, or if he's just not in the frame. They listen as Angelus explains that Satan was having trouble with some Svea Priestesses who were "big into banishing." and were about to banish Satan. Good on them.

Downstairs, Angelus adds that Satan couldn't attack the priestesses directly due to "some kind of mojo." Don't get too technical. Angelus summarizes the deal: "I'd scratch his priestesses, and he'd scratch my back somewhere down the line."

Flashback. Satan repeats the lines Cordy saw earlier: "You need not be my enemy. Join with me, Angelus." Wesley asks what happened next. Cut to Satan clobbering Angelus. The shot freezes as blood flies out of Angelus's mouth. Heh. Although a little too slapstick for the rest of the episode. I definitely appreciate the fact that they're letting Angelus narrate so that Boreanaz won't have to do the accent. Angelus says, "I declined."

Back in the cage, Angelus explains, "I'm not big with teamwork." He says he thought Satan would kill him, but luckily...

Flashback. Satan bends down -- over Angelus, I think, although it's hard to tell. In the background, a group of blondes in robes appear. Angelus tells Wes, "They just started up the whammy, and there you have it." Wesley asks how they banished Satan, but Angelus says he was unconscious for most of it. That's all he knows.

The MoG get researching. Fred quickly identifies the Svea Priestesses, who are also called "The Svear" and are "descendents of a powerful Noric priestess, Svea." Well, that would follow. Gunn peers over to look at the book as Connor asks if it mentions Satan. Wesley reaches over and Fred obediently hands the book to him as she points out what might be the banishing spell. She looks up at Gunn guiltily. Gunn moves across the room and picks up a phone book. Wesley says that the spell is from the right region and time. He tries translating the target of the spell and comes up with "something like a big...hard thing." Cordy says, "Sounds like our guy!" and it's not clear whether she's joking or not, which is a shame. Wesley looks as if he isn't sure either, though, which is amusing. Cary asks how they can track down the Svear now. Gunn throws the yellow pages onto the desk and declares, "They're in Pacoima."

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