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Evil 101

Once Connor is gone, Cordy reaches up and turns the camera off. Everyone upstairs immediately starts shouting and rushes downstairs. Well, no, they don't. I guess I have to assume they're still distracted by all the fisticuffs. Cordy says, "It's been a long day, and I think you've done enough damage." Angelus asks, "No hug?" Cordy says they're going to make a deal for information about Satan. Angelus wonders what he'd get in return: "I hear the new Mustang's nice." Cordy says she'll give him something better. Angelus obligingly asks, "What's a better ride than a Mustang?" Cordy turns and sighs, "Me."

When we return from the commercials, Angelus is at the end of a massive laughing fit -- doubled over, holding his sides, his eyes watering, the whole thing. He finally calms down enough to look at an irritated Cordy, and gasps, "You've got the best sense of humor, I -- wait, you were serious?" And that sets him off again. Oh, fine, that's not what happened. Instead, when we come back, Cordy says, "You tell us what you know, you get me." Maybe she should offer him some colorful socks instead. I'd enjoy that. Angelus points out, "You took out the soul. [I] still have the brain." Cordy says they don't have time, and that she'll do whatever she has to for the information. Angelus thinks she's bluffing. Cordy insists, "Look in my eyes. Angel knows me. You know me. Better than anyone. So when you look at me, you know I'm not lying." Angelus smiles. I have to believe that Angelus just wanted an excuse to talk, anyway. Because, again, he's chatty. And otherwise, it's hard to decide who's stupider for agreeing to this deal.

Upstairs, the MoG are startled to hear that Angelus is willing to tell all now. Connor, sitting at the desk, asks, "Why don't you want to tell us what you did?" Cordy says she did what she had to. Gunn presses it, and Wesley adds that it would be better if he knew what the deal was. Cordy stoically insists, "It's better if you don't." Why does Wesley have to do the interrogation at all?

On the monitor, Wesley sits with a crossbow and asks Angelus to start at the beginning: "A year?" Angelus smirks, "1789." He really needs to tone it down. It's just a year; there's no call for smirking over that. Wesley notes that Angelus was in Prussia then. For the whole year?

Downstairs, Angelus continues, "I was taking a shortcut on my way to Vienna..." Through Prussia? From where, Denmark? I guess it wasn't a very good shortcut if it took him all year to get through Prussia. Sorry. Nitpicking. Angelus says that he felt like he was being watched, adding that there were troops around.

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