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Evil 101

In the basement, Angelus listens to the distant argument and snickers, "That was fast." True story: Over the weekend I watched this episode with my mom, and told her that lots of people love Wesley. She turned to me, shocked, and asked, "Why?"

Upstairs, Connor sneaks down to the lobby as Wesley shouts "I owe you nothing! Not anymore!" Fred pushes Gunn out of the office as he yells, "You just take what you want, don't matter who it belongs to." Uh oh. Wesley follows them, and points out that Fred doesn't belong to anyone. Fred whines, "What's wrong with you?" and Gunn insists that nobody wants Wesley around. No one notices as Connor sneaks past them to the basement. Wesley sniffs that the MoG haven't done so well since Wesley left. Cary and Cordy enters, and when Cary tries to calm things down, Gunn tells him to shut up. Cary is taken aback. Aw, poor Cary; he's the only innocent party in the room. Gunn continues, "Great idea, Wes. Stealing Angel's kid. Oh, was losing him a part of your plan, too?" Wesley snaps that the only thing Gunn's good at is blaming other people. But he's pretty accurate about it, doesn't that count for something? Wesley hisses, "Face it, Gunn: you can't give her what she needs." Gunn punches Wesley. Hooray! As Gunn starts to advance again, Wesley punches him in the stomach. Boo! Gunn throws Wesley against the front desk while Fred wails, "This is insane!" Cordy chimes in that this is what Angelus wants, and Cary sighs, "For the love of Mike Tyson." As Gunn and Wesley struggle, Gunn throws his arm back for another punch, catching Fred with his elbow. Hooray! After punching Wesley, Gunn turns and sees that he knocked Fred down. Cary and Cordy kneel down next to Fred, and then Cordy spots the monitor, where Connor is approaching Angelus's cage.

Connor tells Angelus, "Everyone's afraid of you." Angelus asks, "Is that my shirt?" No, because if it was, it would be hanging on Connor like a tent, but let's pretend. Angelus says that the shirt looks good on Connor, and Connor replies, "So did Cordy." Angelus admits, "She looks good on everybody." Connor says, "Angel warned me about you. Said I should remember you're not my real father." Angelus approaches and admits that it was a touching speech, and that it ended with Connor promising to kill Angel. He continues, "Kind of unnecessary, don't you think? I mean, with your track record, I'll be staking myself by the end of the day." Hee. Angelus says that it made Darla sick to carry Connor: "She jammed a stake in her own heart just so she wouldn't have to hear your first whiny breath." He adds that Holtz was so disappointed in Connor that he stabbed himself in the neck. With a little help from Justine, but I think the point remains. Connor says, "My fa... Holtz was a good man," adding that Holtz just wanted to see Angelus get the punishment he deserved. Angelus brings up Cordy, and asks if it bothers Connor that Cordy used to change his diapers. "The first woman you boned is the closest thing you've ever had to a mother. Doing your mom and trying to kill your dad. Hm. There should be a play." Connor says that Angel said told him that Angelus wasn't his father, but he disagrees. Connor says, "The truth is, Angel's just something that you're forced to wear. You're my real father." Hey, it's like Star Wars, but interesting. Neat. I give Boreanaz a lot of credit for his reaction shot, where he goes from zero to menacingly surprised and, I think, pleased. Then he tosses out another patented Evil Look and gets back to the taunting. Connor resists, and Angelus sighs, "You couldn't take me anyway." "We'll see," Connor grrs. Angelus turns as Connor steps across the red line and right up to the cage bars. "Don't disappoint Daddy," Angelus says. But the family reunion is interrupted when Cordy calls Connor back. Darn. She orders Connor upstairs, then adds, "Please," because her little boy is all grown up. Connor finally grunts, "It's your lucky day," and stomps off. Angelus is unimpressed, and so are we when he calls Connor a "mama's boy." Although I guess it works a little better if you consider that Angel was just talking about how Connor slept with his pseudo-mother. But mostly it's still lame.

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