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Evil 101

After the ads, Angelus is holding Fred up in front of him so that Gunn can't get a clear shot with the crossbow. Except Angelus can't change position without letting go of Fred, and Gunn could easily walk around to the side of cage and shoot Angelus in the back with no trouble. He doesn't, of course. Instead, he drops the crossbow and runs forward to pull Angelus's arms away. Angelus makes with the taunting again, but stops when a tranquilizer dart suddenly lands in his arm. He looks up to see Wesley standing on the stairs with the dart gun. Angelus's grip slackens, and Gunn pulls Fred away as Wesley shoots again. Angelus looks at Wesley, blinks, and falls backward with an amusing thump. As Wesley comes downstairs, Fred snifflingly apologizes for being dumb. Wesley eyes the unconscious Angelus as he reminds them to be careful, then goes back upstairs. Fred tells Gunn, "I'm just glad you're here," and they hug. Wesley stares down at them and twitches at Fred's lack of gratitude.

Cordy brings Connor a shirt, I guess because the one he was wearing was all bloody and all of his clothes are at the loft? He thanks her and slips into the black button-down shirt, then realizes, "This is [Angel's]." Cordy says she could get something from Cary if Connor would rather have that. Heh. Connor starts getting ready to go out again, and Cordy protests that he's too tired to fight. He says that he wants to leave, because everyone still stares at him like he's connected to Satan. Cordy explains that "the looking earlier" was because Angelus told everyone that she and Connor boinked. Connor says, "Good. Angel doesn't care if everyone knows. Why should I?" She insists that Angelus isn't Angel, and asks Connor to rest. As she leaves, he snaps, "You don't want to be with me, fine, you're not. But don't tell me what to do." Cue the lyrics to "Boss of Me."

Wesley is in the office as Fred enters. He explains that he was trying to look up the details Angelus mentioned about Angel's fantasy, in case they meant something. Fred thanks Wesley for saving her, and looks around at the door as she talks. Wesley curiously looks out the door himself, then says, "He's not there." Fred uncomfortably mentions that Gunn heard Angelus say that Wesley loves Fred, and he's a little tense about it. Fred quickly adds that Wesley's feelings are "very sweet; there's nothing wrong with it." Wesley suddenly pulls her into a kiss. He is such a slimeball. I feel so vindicated. Fred kisses him back at first, so no points for her, either, but then she pulls away, frightened. From the lobby, Gunn asks who's watching the monitor. As Gunn walks in, Fred looks terrified and Wesley quickly crosses the room. Gunn stops and asks, "What's going on?" "Nothing!" Fred insists, because that always works. Gunn asks, "Did he just --?" Fred tries to lead Gunn back out to the lobby, but Gunn growls, "You want to tell me what the hell I just walked in on." Fred says, "We were just..." and trails off. Gunn sniffs, "What, researching?" Amy Acker is pretty good at playing Fred playing innocent very badly. If you see what I mean. Wesley says, "If you want to do this, deal with me. Leave Fred out of it." Gunn starts yelling at Wesley to stay away from Fred, while Fred whimpers, "Hello! I'm here!" Gunn turns on her: "And you, running off to him every time you need help, like I'm not good enough." Fred tries to calm things down, Gunn threatens Wesley some more, Wesley glares silently.

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