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Evil 101

We cut upstairs to see that the rest of the MoG is watching the conversation on the monitor. They stare silently with folded arms as Angelus says, "It's not like your schoolgirl crush is a secret." Fred tells Gunn, "Remember, we can't believe anything [that] Angelus says." Gunn snaps, "How 'bout the stuff that's true? Can we believe that?" Cordy says that Angelus "lies with the truth," and somehow I don't think Gunn will find that comforting, either. Cary adds, "Don't let him get to you, kiwi." Is Gunn from New Zealand suddenly? They look back at the monitor as Wesley says, "You found a vulnerability, exploited it. Well done." Considering who he's dealing with, I'd be more impressed if Angelus failed to find a vulnerability.

Back downstairs, Angelus chuckles, "I'm just getting started." He says that Wesley's research on "the horny giant" is misguided. Wesley asks what he should be doing instead, but Angelus isn't in the mood to help. Wesley points out that if Angelus and Satan were enemies, Angelus should want to help them kill Satan. Angelus eyes Wesley speculatively and says, "You're not fooling anyone. Got some new clothes, cool haircut, hit the gym. You're still the same loser none of the other kids wanted to sit with at lunch." Angelus is definitely lying now: Wesley's haircut isn't cool. There's a nice wide shot of the two of them, with the cage bars dividing the frame. Which just makes me think how much I'd like it if they'd switch places. Although the unfortunate thing is that it allows me to notice that the light for the basement is inside the cage. That's not a good idea. I think I'll pretend I didn't see that. Angelus says he's got no reason to help, and asks, "What're you gonna do, kill me?" Wesley quietly says, "If I have to." Angelus laughs happily. There, that's better. He's spookier when he's cheerful. Wesley says they'll resoul him, and Angelus adds, "Making you a failure again." Wesley starts to lose his temper, and threatens to let Angelus rot in the basement. As Wesley heads for the stairs, Angelus calls, "Nice stamina, Wes. No wonder Fred's not interested." Wesley observes that Angelus must hate that Angel fights evil. Angelus responds by asking if it bothers Wesley to see "all those idiots flock around [Angel], calling him a champion. Anyone ever call you a champion?" Wesley says that he does his part. Angelus says, "Right, like letting Lilah suck [Cary's] brain." Boy, when he got to "suck," I was so sure that line was headed somewhere else. Then Angelus mentions Faith: "Good job being her Watcher. She turned out to be a peach." Angelus goes on to describe Wesley's kidnapping of Connor as "smooth." Wesley insists, "He survived!" Good grief, Wesley, you've had how long to practice a self-justifying speech and that's all you can come up with? So you didn't actually get Connor killed, hooray for you. Angelus wonders if Wesley has trouble understanding father-son bonds, "given that [his] own father's ashamed of [him]." Wesley fires back, "And Connor's ashamed of you." I'm sure that'll trouble Angelus terribly. Angelus twitches his head and complains that Connor gives him the creeps. Wesley tries to get back to the point, describing how Cordy saw Angelus with Satan in her vision. Angelus enthuses, "Oh yeah, let's talk about Cordy! Now there's a rack to write home about. Shame about the personality, though: 'Yap yap yap yap yap.'" Hee.

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