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Evil 101

Credits, quick, before he mentions teddy bears and spoils the mood. Although maybe he has his own version of the chorus, since the lyrics he's singing aren't quite the usual ones. You've got to be pretty evil to make up your own words to a popular song. Believe me. This week's Boreanaz quote: "I like socks. Different, colorful ones. That's more interesting to talk about."

Wesley descends into the basement with a crossbow. Angelus gives him an Evil Look. Now that I've finally seen Profit, I've learned that the trick to looking evil is to bow your head slightly while continuing to look straight ahead, and smirk slightly. I'm not sure why it works, although I think eyebrows have something to do with it, but it's instant evil. Being dramatically lit and wearing some extra eyeliner also helps, of course. Angelus steps out of the corner with a cheery "Wes!" He mentions Wesley's role in desouling him and also says, "Angel schmangel," which is amusing but isn't going to score very high on anyone's list of diabolical things to say. Wesley stays back on the other side of the room as he notes, "The last time you were free, you terrorized Sunnydale." Yeah, but so have most of friends, so big deal. Angelus purrs, "That Slayer. She's a pistol." I think Boreanaz is trying too hard in this scene to imbue every single line with menace. I'd like it better if he were more casual. Wesley says, "I've imagined this moment many times." Dude, that's just weird. He again mentions all the preparation he's done, saying, "I've read everything ever written about you." No wonder Wesley went nuts; he's been reading fanfic for years. Angelus accuses of Wesley of trying to flatter him, and then offers to tell him anything: "How sweet that virgin gypsy tasted? The special smell of a newborn's neck? My first nun -- now that's a great story."

Wesley asks if Angelus knew Satan. Angelus complains that that isn't a "Wyndam-Pryce-worthy question," whatever the hell that means, so then Wesley asks why Angel wouldn't remember meeting Satan. Angelus doesn't know, but he has a question of his own: "What's the deal with Angel and Raiders of the Lost Ark?" Hee. Incidentally, I don't like referring to Angelus and Angel like they're different people, but this conversation would be bewildering otherwise, so I think we're all stuck with it. Angelus summarizes Angel's "perfect day fantasy," and Wesley resists asking, "Was I in it?" Angelus questions Wesley's motives, adding, "The foul rag and bone shop of the heart. That's where you live." Wesley curses himself for not reading up on Yeats beforehand, and asks what Angelus means. Angelus moves up against the cage bars and hisses, "You want to impress the girl. Move in, get her to love you. After a couple days of flowers and chocolate-covered cherries --" He suddenly slams his hands against the bars, making Wesley jump. "-- You'll bend her over the kitchen counter and..." "That's supposed to rattle me?" Wesley asks, sounding a bit...well, rattled. Angelus notes that Fred is a little bony for him, and Wesley tries to turn the conversation back to Satan. Angelus won't be dissuaded, though, whispering, "Bet he loves to rub that shiny, bald head against her soft, milky skin." Somebody is a genius for realizing they could get away with that line. A genius, I tell you! Wesley glances over at a camera mounted on the wall as if he, too, expects the FCC to storm in any second. I wonder if this surveillance equipment is stuff he borrowed from Lilah. Between the last episode and this one, they seem to have installed all this stuff, unfastened Angelus, removed the table from the cage, and let Wo Pang out of the cage without anyone getting killed. While those aren't impossible tasks, I think it would have been nice to have one or two comments about how it was done, so we didn't think the writers were taking advantage of the break between episodes to duck those questions.

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