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Evil 101

Cordy enters the basement, and Angelus asks how the trip went. Cordy says, "We found a little boy, his sister, mom, dad, grandma -- all dead." Angelus asks if she brought him a souvenir: "Maybe a stray baby toe?" He says it's not his fault that the plan didn't work out, and that he told them everything he knew. "Too late," Cordy complains. Angelus notes that isn't his fault. Cordy glares, "The deal was, you give us information, we save the world, you get me. Well, world not saved."

Upstairs, Wesley starts opening the safe as everyone watches tensely. Everyone in the room, that is. Everyone in the audience is shouting, "It's gone, yes, we know that it's gone, don't waste our time!"

Angelus asks if Cordy thinks she can get away with this, but she's not concerned. "I won't be in here forever," Angelus threatens. Cordy looks at her watch and says that he'll be resouled within the hour. He laughs, "Not gonna happen." Snarkage is exchanged, and Cordy says "You're never coming back; Angel's gonna make sure of that." "We'll see," Angelus hisses. Cordy takes a step forward and tells Angelus that he's nobody: "Just a disease, and Angel can't wait to be rid of you." Angelus steps up to the bars and says, "Think I'll start with the twins. I just love a woman with nice, ripe thighs." Is he calling her thighs "the twins," or was he just changing subjects rather quickly? He quickly shoots an arm out at her through the bars, he can't quite reach her. Cordy doesn't flinch, which is cool, but also difficult to believe. She smiles, "Not even close." Angelus wiggles his fingers at her and asks, "Does this bug you? I'm not touching you!" Or not. As Cordy heads upstairs, Angelus says, "The more you piss me off, the longer I'll keep you alive."

Cordy enters the office, ready to start resouling Angel. The MoG turn to stare at her, wondering how she missed all the foreshadowing. We pan over to Wesley standing by the empty safe as Fred states the obvious. Cordy blinks, and wonders if it's too late to go apologize for all the taunting.

Next time, Fred gets a curling iron, Gunn gets a flame-thrower, the announcer gets all excited about someone dying, and Angelus gets a leather coat, which is a step in the right direction.

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