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Evil 101

Connor runs outside and then has to go all the way out to the sidewalk because there's nothing nearby to puke behind. He finally doubles over behind a landscaping element. Cordelia follows, and sits down next to him. She says, "It's different, isn't it?" She says that dead demons are blobs, vampires turn to dust, but humans aren't so tidy. Connor whimpers, "That's not..." and a tear trickles down his cheek. She asks what's bothering him, and Connor looks pained as he sighs, "Family." He's working himself into a nice brood when a vampire suddenly leaps into view. It's a pretty impressive leap, too, although I'm not sure what the point of landing ten feet past Connor and Cordy was. Landing on them would make more sense. Connor deals with his angst by punching the vamp a few times, but then another one attacks Cordy, knocking her down. Connor pulls a stake out of his boot and dusts one vamp, then throws the other into some trashcans in the street. The vamp starts to stand up, and then there's a squeal as he's suddenly run down by Wesley's SUV. Which means that sometime in the past thirty seconds, Wesley raced out and got in the car, which was parked right in front of the house. So he passed them while they were fighting. And got into the car before the vamp had been thrown into the street. He was totally running away. More vamps are visible in the background as Cordy quickly hops into the car. Connor follows, and the vamp under the car grabs his boot. He gives a kick and slams the door. The car races away.

Blipvert back to the Hyperion. Fred and Cary sit on the couch, while Gunn stands a little distance away, as they listen to Angelus singing "The Teddy-Bear's Picnic." Fred says that Angelus is "relaxed," and Gunn adds, "It's like he's not even in a cage." Cary explains, "In his mind, he's not." He turns the volume on the monitor down as Gunn asks if Cary can read Angelus. Cary answers, "Let me put it this way, moonpie: you don't wanna know." Fred agrees. First "kiwi," and now "moonpie." I think they're retroactively making it more plausible that Fred and Gunn thought that "Fluffy" was just another nickname for one of the MoG.

Wesley, Cordy, and Connor return with their bad news. Fred observes that Satan must have found some way to kill the priestesses, and wonders if they should talk to Angelus again. Wesley vetoes that idea, saying that Angelus isn't going to tell them anything more. Gunn says, "Which means our last-ditch plan, turning Angel into a soulless monster -- it's a bust." Gunn got the title! Good for him. Cordy says that it's time to bring Angel back. Connor looks down and walks upstairs. Cary observes, "And he's usually so chatty." Wesley says they'll need the shaman. Yeah, where is the shaman? Is he just hiding out upstairs? Smart move, if so. Maybe he's working on a spell that will make Wesley shut up. And then I'll achieve perfect happiness.

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