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Evil 101

Previously on Angel, Gunn's a murderer, Wesley's a stalker, Angel's a voyeur, Cordy's a loon, and Connor's in desperate need of better role models.

We open on a pile of newspapers, and see the headline "Crime Wave Shuts Down City." Seems like that would merit placement above the fold. I'm intrigued by the glimpse we get of the top story. It looks like there might be a picture of the sky, and while I can't quite make out the words for sure, I think the headline might be "Where did it go?" If so, hee. Actually, given that it is Los Angeles, I wouldn't be shocked to see "Sun: Still Missing" as a back-page item because the big news was Tom Cruise winning $10 million in a defamation suit. But there's exciting music playing, so let's move on. Connor grabs the pile of papers and swings them around to hit a vamp in the face. And then there's a lot of punching and leaping about as he battles a crowd of vampires. Eventually he is pinned against a wall by two vamps, and asks, "Let me guess -- out-of-towners?" One vamp admits that they're from Tuscon. Connor breaks free and reveals the trusty wrist-mounted stakes. Poof, poof, thud, crash, quip, poof. Connor sighs, "Tourists." So the quipping is genetic? Shame. Connor sees two more groups of vampires approaching.

Wesley opens a wall safe hidden behind the traditional hinged painting in the Hyperion's office. Cordy holds the bottle o' soul, and looks at it speculatively, perhaps thinking, "I could glow just like that if I wanted to." As Wesley gingerly puts the bottle into the safe, the audience yells, "It's gonna get stolen!" Because otherwise, why make a big deal about where it is? And presumably the only person with a reason to take it is Angelus, and wouldn't he know the combination to his own safe? This has all the signs of one of Wesley's brilliant plans. Everyone's nervous about Angelus, but Wesley reminds us that they had to remove Angel's soul to find out what he knows about Satan. He reassuringly adds that Angelus will want to break free and kill them all. Cordy agrees, "He'll want to make us suffer." This is quite the morale-boosting conversation. Wesley says that Angelus will try to confuse them, which is about as challenging as trying to make fire hot. He says, "I've spent my life training for this, and I'm still not ready." I thought he spent his life training to boss around a teenaged girl. Wesley continues, "He's smarter than I am, and a great deal more focused." Too easy. While Wesley goes on telling scary campfire stories, the camera swings around so that we can see a small monitor on the front desk, and then lazily moves downstairs. I like the dreamlike camera motion. In the basement, Angelus sits against the wall in his cage and slowly sings, "If you go into the woods tonight,/ you won't believe your eyes./ If you go into the woods tonight,/ you're in for a big surprise..."

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