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Little Angel In Slumberland

Wesley and Gunn return to Wolfram & Hart, and Fred hurries to greet them. She's wearing a dress with a red top and a deep brown skirt, with black trim. It's actually a nice cut and suits her, but the colors make her look like a Vegas cocktail waitress. It's definitely an improvement, though. I don't know why I'm so focused on her clothes. Except that what she's wearing is usually more interesting than what she's saying. Fred asks what Spicule had to say, and Gunn answers, "Oh, you know. Stuff." Wesley sniffs that they aren't good enough for Spicule, and Gunn adds, "Thinks we sold out." Fred says that they're trying to change the system from within. Gunn notes, "When you say it out loud, it sounds really naïve." Fred asks if they should tell Angel, but Gunn doesn't think Angel will be happy about the news. This leads Fred to wonder if anyone's heard from Angel.

Fred walks over to Harmony's desk and asks if she's heard from Angel. Harmony looks up from the Trendy magazine she's reading -- that's the title, not just a description. Although I'll bet in the script it just said, "a trendy magazine." Props to the, uh, props team. Anyway, Harmony hasn't heard a peep from Angel. Fred suggests that they should check on him. Harmony asks, "Act like we care? Good plan!" Heh. She dials.

The phone rings in Angel's apartment. He's still in bed, asleep. Twitchy. I wonder if he'd be more comfortable if it were raining or something. He always seems refreshed by a soaking wet twitch, and he hasn't had one in ages. Wow, that sounded dirty.

Angel suddenly sits upright in his bed as a piano plays. He looks around, and next to his bed he sees Cary, playing an upright piano and dressed like a saloon pianist from a western. He even has a little handlebar moustache. Cary introduces himself as "Honky Tonk." Cary spits into the spittoon that's suddenly in Angel's lap. If Angel knew about that last scene with Lindsey, he'd probably be glad it's a spittoon and not Eve in his lap.

Harmony says she got Angel's voicemail. Fred says she'll go "check in," and I guess she means "on Angel." But it doesn't matter, because Eve suddenly approaches to ask if Fred's had any luck with the block o' runes. Eve stresses that the Senior Partners are very eager to know about it, and suggests that she's in trouble if she doesn't have answers for them soon. I wonder why any of the MoG would care if Eve gets in trouble.

Cary stops playing "Clementine" and asks Angel what's bothering him. Harmony -- dressed a bit like Carmen Miranda -- sets a drink on the piano and poses. Angel whispers. "I think I'm lost. Everything hurts." Cary agrees: "Everything hurts, and then we die. Or, in your case, everything hurts, and then you go on and on and on." Cary suggests that Angel sing for him. A spotlight illuminates Angel's bed. Cary starts in on "Clementine" again. Angel opens his mouth to sing, and then just looks bewildered as he can't make a sound. He finally manages to make a high-pitched squeak.

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