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Little Angel In Slumberland

Spicule opens his door and discovers Gunn and Wesley standing there. Oh my gosh, Wolfram & Hart has turned them into Mormons! They enter menacingly while Spicule gets a beer. Gunn asks what Spicule's up to, noting, "You don't call, you don't write." He says they thought Spicule was headed for Europe. Spicule says he changed his mind. Maybe they've come to get Angel's car back. They're not Mormons, they're repo men! Wesley mentions Spicule's new heroic hobby, and there's some more back and forth before Spicule finally asks, "Need me to help you collate something?" Wesley says, "You're fighting the good fight these days." Gunn adds, "We figure that's our territory." Heh. I like the idea that they don't want any entrepreneurial do-gooders moving in on their turf. I sorta wish they'd done more of a Pulp Fiction thing here, although I guess they'd look silly in the dark suits. Gunn is wearing a lovely grey ensemble, although I don't like the cut of the jacket for reasons I am unable to articulate. Gunn insists that they're just wondering why he left Wolfram & Hart. Wesley rasps, "If you want to save the world, we've got the resources to help you do it." Spicule says he doesn't want to join the "evil empire," and Gunn claims that they've changed things. Spicule bites his thumbnail or picks something out of his teeth -- I'm not sure which, but it was sure weird. Then he says that Wolfram & Hart is corrupting them, and "spinning [their] compass needle around." Gunn says that they're "playing by a new set of rules." Spicule asks, "You want me to put on a suit, come play with you?" Wesley says, "Something like that." Oh. Maybe they're really just trying to get him to lose the jeans and black tee. But he can't! Because he's a cartoon character! Spicule is surprised that Angel would agree to this invitation, and then realizes, "He doesn't know you're here, does he?" Gunn and Wesley stare, all ominous. Spicule chuckles and asks if they're hedging their bets. Gunn says that isn't it, but Spicule continues, "And the compass needle keeps spinning, and the world gets murkier and murkier." Is Lindsey's enigma-speak contagious?

Cut to Lindsey saying, "They don't have a clue what's happening, do they?" Like confusing the MoG is a big accomplishment. The camera spins counter-clockwise until we see that he's lying in bed, talking to Eve, who's perched on top of him and drooling on his neck. Lindsey asks if she's sure the MoG aren't checking on Angel. Eve says that they're busy with her block o' runes. She starts to reach for someting on the nightstand, but Lindsey pulls her back and she simpers, "Fine. Let's talk more." She asks how Spicule's coming along, and Lindsey says, "He hasn't sewn a big red 'S' on his chest yet, but he's getting there." He adds, "We keep building him up, and we tear Angel down. Pretty soon the Senior Partners are gonna start thinking they're backing the wrong horse." Hm. Interesting. I do enjoy the fact that I could accept it if it turns out that Lindsey is good, evil, or indifferent and just out to give Angel a bad time. Eve pauses in her teenage-seductress flailings to smirk, "Unless they find out we're fixing the race." Lindsey sits up suddenly and says he's dead if that happens. Eve reassures him, and they trade exposition about the fact that the markings covering Lindsey are "the only thing keeping [him] off Wolfram & Hart's radar." Eve asks if Lindsey's going to give her what she wants, and I guess it's supposed to be a single entendre, but it's hard even to interpret anything she says sexually because she's so very bland. Lindsey throws Eve onto her back and says, "Good girls always get what they want." He starts sucking on her neck, in a non-vamp way, and Eve turns and reaches out toward a mysterious box on the nightstand. "This is gonna be fun," she sighs.

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