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Little Angel In Slumberland

Angel opens his eyes, and then turns as someone starts moving on the other side of the bed. It's Spicule, screwing someone. Someone blonde. Guess who? If you guessed, "some girl with her hair all over her face so we can pretend it's Buffy," you're right! Spicule tells Angel to hush, and adds, "You've got something on your shirt." Then there's a jarring snippet of Buffy's dialogue from "The Prom": "Every time I say the word 'prom,' you get grouchy." I like the concept of using old Buffy dialogue, because it sort of makes sense that Angel would replay things she's said to him. But maybe they should have distorted the sound or something, because it's such an obvious cut-and-paste job. Angel frowns and asks Spicule if he's taking Buffy to the prom. Another Buffy snippet replies: "Can you say jumping the gun? I kill my goldfish!" Angel stammers that he thought he was taking Buffy. So to speak. Get it? Spicule hisses, "Shhh! I can't be a marathon man with all your yammering!" I'd have thought that would help. If it doesn't, that suggests -- ew! Angel must have had the same thought, because he wakes up, and then starts to get out of bed.

Angel steps out of the elevator into the lobby. Fred -- still in yesterday's clothes, so we know it's still a dream -- greets Angel and then points out that he forgot to put shoes on. She adds that he should put on a clean shirt. Gunn hurries past, saying, "Come on, you'll miss it!" Angel follows as they pass a refreshment stand and enter the conference room. The MoG, and the rest of the employees, are sipping sodas and looking out the large windows. Angel stares as he sees that the horizon is a mass of burning office buildings. Cary tells Angel to move, and Harmony adds, "You're blocking the apocalypse!" Angel turns, revealing a large black stain on his shirt, and says that he has to go help. The MoG say that Spicule's taking care of it, and repeat that his shirt is dirty. Angel looks down at the stain.

Angel twitches in bed, and we pan down over his bare chest. Aaaa! Oh, and there's a little slimy creature stuck to him, too. Double aaaa!

During the commercials, Johanna says, "I hope that wasn't why they wanted Sarah Michelle Gellar back." I say, "I hope it was! Because that would be hilarious!"

When we return, the MoG, the other employees, and, sigh, Eve are gathered in Angel's office, singing "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow." Wesley blows one of those little tooting party favors enthusiatically. Hee. They chant, "Speech!" as the camera spins to show Spicule, bashfully taking in their prase. It also reveals Angel, standing by the door. Spicule thanks them all and confesses that he doesn't know what to say. He insists, "I'm just a working-class bloke, fulfilling his destiny." Fred says that he "single-handedly ended Armageddon, and turned the world into a beautiful, happily-ever-after, candy mountain place where all our dreams come true!" The crowd turns and sweeps their arms out to gesture at the window, where we can see a high-school theater backdrop painting of a green hillside, a castle, and a rainbow. Gunn says it's time for Spicule's reward. Wesley is happier than a game-show host as he chimes in, "Yes! Your reward!" Ha! It's all in the delivery, but man that's funny. I have to watch that again. Ha! Okay. Spicule says he didn't do it for a reward, and Gunn replies, "That's why you're getting one!" Everyone gasps, and Spicule turns to see a scantily clad Blue Fairy floating in with her wand at the ready. Fred says that Spicule deserves to become a real boy. The Blue Fairy adds, "And so you shall!" and waves her wand, sprinkling glowy dust onto Spicule. Spicule declares that his heart is beating. Fred presses her head to Spicule's chest and cheers, "You're alive!" Gunn runs over saying, "Ooo! I wanna hear!" He listens to Spicule's chest while I giggle. The crowd cheers, and Angel looks lost. Then he looks down to see that he's wearing a drab short-sleeved shirt and tie. He slowly, sadly turns and starts to trundle his mail cart down the hall. Aww. Poor Angel is so very screwed up. I almost feel bad for laughing about it.

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