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Little Angel In Slumberland

Quick aside: while I'm not usually that keen on finding meaning in every little oddball thing, it's difficult for me to see the bit with the fish as anything but a shout-out to Sam Keith's The Maxx. Here's a sample from one of The Maxx's hallucinations: "That fish is your conscience, and she's wheezed her last wheeze! You're all alone, Maxx...your misson's forgot. The only one who can remember is Snot. Your face is a figment of a man with no head! Your mask, it is evil and your is dead!" And it's a goldfish in a little glass bowl, too. I probably didn't need to quote all of that, but I hate to ruin the rhyme scheme.

Anyway. Fred turns back to Angel and sadly reports that she can't find anything wrong with him. She peers down into the cavity in his chest and sighs, "You're empty. There's nothing left. Just a shell." She leans down over him and says she thinks she can hear the ocean. Heh. Then we cut to a, uh, intestine's-eye-view? Well, a shot of Fred from inside Angel. She says "Hello?" and we pull back, or sink, until the screen is black except for the tiny image of Fred's face at the distant opening. And then we pull back even further, and it's a close-up of Angel's pupil. Ooo, fancy. Angel twitches and mutters restlessly in bed.

In his office, Wesley is showing Eve's runic rock to Fred. Gunn enters and says that they've gotten reports of a vampire vigilante rescuing people. How do the people who were rescued know that Spicule's a vampire? He didn't vamp out in the fights we saw. Wesley reads the report: "Vigilante reportedly killed two vampires at a gas station, then asked the women he'd saved if they'd, quote, like to get a bottle of hooch and listen to some Sex Pistols records with him." I'm having trouble imagining Spicule saying "hooch." Fred asks, "Are we sure Angel's just tired and not, um, crazy?" Gunn points out the description of the rescuer, and when they hit the "platinum blond" part, they realize that it's Spicule.

Lindsey leads Spicule into a basement efficiency apartment, explaining that it's Spicule's new home. Lindsey says that the place has all the mod cons (he doesn't put it that way, but I've always wanted to say "mod cons"), and that the windows don't get direct sunlight. I don't see any windows, period. Which is fine, and mimics Angel's batcave from the first season, but they should have dropped that line. Spicule says he doesn't want to be Lindsey's "kept boy." Does Spicule know that there are motivations other than sex? Maybe not for him, but for other people. Lindsey points out that Spicule doesn't have a lot of options, because I guess he's used up all of the proceeds from selling the Viper. Spicule complains about the twin bed, and Lindsey says that Spicule won't be sharing it with anyone. Hooray for Lindsey!

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