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Little Angel In Slumberland

Blipvert. The next day, Wesley gives Harmony something to pass on to Accounting. Can't he give it to them? He just put it in an inter-office mail envelope; it seems like that ought to be enough to get it to them. Harmony says that she needs Angel's approval to talk to Accounting: "I accidentally authorized a few Bath of the Month subscriptions." Wesley stares. Harmony insists, "On accident [sic]!" Wesley tells her to use his authorization code. Harmony grabs the envelope and leaves just as Eve enters, holding a broken bit of stone. Eve says she's looking for Angel, but Wesley says that Angel is "indisposed." Eve hesitates, but Wesley says, "Angel's just going to hand it off to me anyway, so you might as well show it to me now." Eve hands over the rock, which has some runes inscribed on it, and says that the Senior Partners want to know all about it as soon as possible. Eve strolls off, and Harmony rushes over to tell Wesley that she's supposed to tell Angel about anything to do with the Senior Partners. Wesley says he's got it covered. Harmony adds that she's also supposed to tell Angel about anything with runes on it. "And not try and read the runes myself. 'Cause that can cause a fire." Heh. Angel's sudden hatred for Harmony is starting to make more sense. Wesley says that when they know what it is, they'll tell Angel, but for now they'll let him rest.

In his apartment, Angel's still in bed, panting and sweating and so on. He opens his eyes upon hearing Fred call his name. Fred, still in yesterday's outfit, enters the bedroom and tells Angel he looks awful. Angel moans, "I think something's wrong." Fred reassures him nervously, and then pulls a latex glove on while menacing, "Let's take a look under the hood."

Fred gloves her other hand, and now she's in a lab coat, and Angel's bedroom has turned into the lab. Angel looks increasingly nervous as Fred wheels a cart with a bucket on it next to the bed. She picks up a scalpel and starts to slice open Angel's chest while he gasps. She looks down at the cavity she's opened and cheerily says, "Let's get these out of the way." Angel begs her to stop as Fred pulls out his liver and kidneys, and drops them in the bucket. They don't look like a real liver and kidneys -- well, it looks like a nice slice of liver, and maybe those look like kidneys you'd buy at the butcher's? I don't know what kidneys look like, really. I should have gotten Keckler or Sobell to help out here. Fred reassures Angel, "You're a vampire; you don't need this stuff anyway." She reaches deep inside and pulls out a walnut, cheerily saying, "There's your heart!" Tee hee. Angel looks so sad and worried during all of this, it just kills me. Fred pulls out a long string of beads, or possibly pearls, depending on how Freudian you're feeling. She loops it around her neck and reaches back in for something else. "Raisins!" she says, and eats a few. Next, a bent licence plate. Fred hms, "Came up the gulf stream, huh?" Fred plunges her arm back into Angel's chest and pulls out a large fishbowl with a dead golfish floating at the top. "There's your soul!" Fred exclaims. She looks more closely at the fish, and sighs, "We're gonna have to flush this." She turns and hands the fishbowl over to a guy in a bear suit. "Thank you, bear," she says, and the bear takes the fishbowl away.

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