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Little Angel In Slumberland

Gunn and Wesley are still arguing strategy when Fred slips past them to give Angel a lab report. She's wearing a ruffly red blouse and, I swear, a gold lamé skirt. Is Cary picking her outfits? That would at least give him something to do. Fred gets drawn into the argument, and I zone out briefly as she takes a very long time to confirm that they have a "microwave cannon" that could kill someone in an untraceable way. Well, hell, why don't they use that all the time? Angel's zoning out too, but he's also looking tired and sweaty. We zoom in on him, closer and closer, and pull back! Eek! Angel suddenly says, "Let's kill them all." The MoG pause as Angel rants, "Warlocks, minions. They're all evil. Sold their kids to the devil. Let's just wipe them all out. We've got the power to do that, right?" Wesley starts to interject a "but," and Angel stands up to say, "Why don't we?" Yeah, really. The first time I watched this, I thought he was being sarcatic, and was about to lecture the MoG about how they couldn't do that. But on review I think he means it, and I also think he's right. Angel shouts that they should get back to basics: "Good versus evil. Offing the monsters where we find them." Gunn starts to explain why that's a bad idea, but since there aren't any convincing arguments to muster, he switches to asking if Angel's all right. Angel rubs his head again and sighs that he's tired. He tells Gunn more calmly to talk to "[his] best Judas," and that if they think Drake will find out, they'll go with Wesley's plan. Fred and Gunn are still concerned about Angel, and Fred tells Angel that maybe he should sleep in tomorrow. Angel says there's too much going on, but the MoG are quick to say they can get along without him. Wesley watches intently as Angel heads for the elevator.

Angel steps out into his boring-ass apartment. Wesley suddenly walks in and starts to help Angel into the bedroom. Lindsey will kill him if he tries anything. Ack! Dammit, get out of my head! Angel sits on the bed and explains that he feels weird. Wesley guesses that Angel's having a hard time adjusting to the situation: "Finally adjusting to the truth. That you're irrelevant. It's difficult to face, I know." Well, you would, Wesley. Wesley adds that Spicule's arrival makes things simpler, and pulls out a stake. Angel "Wha?"s, and then Wesley stakes him. Angel screams.

And then Angel's alone in his bedroom, gasping.

After the ads, Spicule is re-enacting the fight from the teaser of "City of." Only this time he's protecting a guy and a girl instead of two girls. There are also some prolonged slow-motion shots, and while I'm sure everyone reading this is as sick of my complaining about this as I am...I just caught "Five by Five" earlier today, and not only is the fight between Faith and Angel cool, but I don't think that there's any slo-mo. I'm sure there's a nifty stunt or two in there that I miss because it's not shown frame-by-frame, but seeing all the punching and kicking without a pause to process it makes it feel a lot more brutal. When you see the moves in slow motion, you start admiring the stunt work instead of feeling the intensity of the fight. And I'm pretty sure the latter is what you want. Where was I? Oh yeah, fighting. Spicule winds things up by using Angel's old dual-staking move from the pilot, which is just hilarious. Spicule stares at his stake-cuffs, and as the rescued couple stop cowering behind a car, the guy asks, "What were those things?" I expect Spicule to say, "They're stakes. Sharpened bits of wood." But in fact, the guy is asking about the vampires. Spicule says they're better off not knowing, and starts to walk away. The girl asks Spicule who he is. With his back to them, Spicule says, "I'm the hero." I kind of wish we'd seen his face for that line, because I'd like to know if he was being sincere or sarcastic. Although maybe it's intentional that we don't see his face, so that we don't know how he means it.

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