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Little Angel In Slumberland

Back at the Peppermint Stick, Spicule's gotten bored and starts to leave. Lindsey follows, grabbing Spicule by the shoulder as he insists, "You've got a destiny." Spicule whirls and throws Lindsey against a wall. Hey, Spicule, Lindsey only likes that rough stuff when Angel does it. Oh, I can't believe I said that. I blame you all for putting these ideas in my head. As he grips Lindsey's throat, Spicule asks if Lindsey is responsible for their quest for the holy ginger ale. Lindsey rasps that he doesn't know anything, and insists, "I'm just doing what they tell me!" Spicule asks who "they" are, and Lindsey growls, "They! Them!" and points upward. Oh, those. Lindsey explains that he was just an ordinary guy until he started getting visions of "people in trouble, who need a champion." Spicule says that's Angel's shtick, but Lindsey insists that Angel's switched sides, and now nobody's being a meddlesome do-gooder. Lindsey adds that he had a vision right before he came to find Spicule: "If a young girl gets murdered tonight and you didn't lift a finger to stop it, ask yourself, can you live with that?" I'm betting he can. Girls get murdered all the time, really.

Cut to a girl screaming and running from a vampire in an alley. The vamp shoves her against a wall and prepares to bite her when Spicule approaches with his hands hooked in his belt. Does he think he's Fonzie now? The vamp turns to face Spicule, and is still making threats when Spicule punches him in the throat, knocks him through some convenient wooden fencing, and stakes him. Spicule, looking disgusted, brushes the resulting dust off his coat. The girl starts to thank Spicule, but he snaps, "What do you expect? Out alone in this neighborhood? I've half a mind to kill you myself!" Heh. The girl is confused, and Spicule continues, "What kind of retard wears heels like that in a dark alley?" The girl stammers that she was trying to get home. He points her toward the street and says, "Then get a cab, you moron." She heads out, and he calls after her, "On your way, if a stranger offers you candy, don't get in the van!" Tee hee. Spicule's harranguing is interrupted when Lindsey, perched on a fire escape, asks, "Believe me now?" Spicule is underwhelmed by the accuracy of the vision, pointing out, "You can't throw a stone in this town without hitting some bimbo in trouble." Lindsey compliments Spicule for saving the girl's life, though he suggests being nicer next time. Spicule doesn't like the sound of "next time," and claims that he was saving people long before Lindsey turned up. Lindsey disagrees: "You just helped a person when there wasn't anything in it for you." He suggests that normally Spicule "only does good deeds to impress...women." Spicule gets all offended at that, because it's true. Lindsey placates Spicule by adding, "From what I hear, Angel didn't save the girl on his first mission." Spicule asks what Angel has to do with this, and Lindsey says, "Nothing. Not anymore."

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