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Little Angel In Slumberland

During the credits, Johanna says that she wants to see a "best friends" montage of Lindsey and Spicule shopping together, doing each other's nails, and watching movies. I complain about Lindsey's shaggy mullet hairdo. Though in all fairness, he looks a lot burlier than I remember. A lot. Wow. Johanna thinks Spicule's hair looked a little weirder than usual as well. I gasp, "Oh my lord, Wesley was right all along! Gunn grew hair overnight, Angel's hair got poofy, and now there's Lindsey's mullet. 'The whole point of this experiment is hair!' That was really, really subtle foreshadowing!"

When we return, Spicule confirms that Lindsey sent him the box of recorporealization, and that he was also the one who sent the Amulet of Assitude to Angel. Aw! Lindsey sent Angel jewelry! That is so sweet. Oh, that reminds me: Johanna thinks that Angel hated Harmony so much last week because she stole the amulet from him, or tried to steal it. We have a lot of theories. Sometimes I lose track of them. Lindsey says, "We couldn't leave your spirit trapped in a bauble at the bottom of the Hellmouth." Spicule asks who "we" are, and Lindsey enigmas that there are people who are "powerfully interested" in Spicule. Spicule gets bored and grabs Lindsey's arm, twisting it to show off the runes on Lindsey's skin, and threatens to snap it if Lindsey doesn't start explaining things. Lindsey finally says, "You can call me Doyle." Spicule can, but I'm not going to, because this is all confusing enough.

Back at Wolfram & Hart, Gunn and Wesley are debating how to deal with an evil warlock. Wesley's in favor of assassinating the guy, but as they apprach Harmony's desk, Gunn proposes that they "open a can of Machiavelli on his ass." Harmony -- looking very pretty in a blue top -- sneers, "It's Matchabelli, Einstein, and it doesn't come in a can." Heh. Gunn ignores that and asks, "Is he in?" Harmony duhs, "Is who in?" and so Gunn and Wesley march into Angel's office.

Gunn and Wesley are still arguing, and Angel looks increasingly bewildered by the conversation until he finally snaps, "CEO! Right here! In the dark!" Wesley hands over a folder on one Lucien Drake. Gunn explains that Drake has over a thousand followers who sold their children in exchange for "serious demonic mojo." Wesley adds that the cult is stockpiling WMDs (weapons of magical destruction). But the cult has powerful allies, so they just want to eliminate Drake. Gunn explains, "Then they spend the next billing cycle fighting among themselves to hack out the new pecking order." And then when they have a new leader, do you take him out, too? It's not so much a strategy as a delaying tactic. Angel asks, "Are we doing this because it's right, or because it's cost-effective?" Gunn says it's a bit of both, and Wesley admits that it's a grey area. Angel interrupts, "Can we just get through one day without saying that?" He rubs his head and asks them to explain it again.

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