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Little Angel In Slumberland

And speaking of execution -- Angel should have killed Eve right there. Her parting shot isn't actually a bad one. Angel's dreams were about distrusting his friends as well as his own feelings of pointlessness, so playing on that is fine. But the fact that they just let her walk away makes them look like idiots. Again. If he was killing her, and her last words were a suggestion that something's rotten in the state of the MoG, it would have been more disturbing for the MoG and for the audience. Plus, it'd be a surprising ending, and best of all: no more Eve!

Next time: Andrew's worried that a crazy slayer is torturing Spicule. Good luck making anyone care about that, Andrew. I was on the phone talking to Johanna while the commercial aired, and when they showed the "in two weeks" shot of an overjoyed Angel hugging a revived Cordelia, I said "Awwwww!" Followed by, "I'm surprised that made me feel so gooshy. But Angel looked so happy!" Johanna had a similar reaction, which is reassuring.

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