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Little Angel In Slumberland

...Spicule pulls the hermit-skate off of Angel and throws it squishily into a wall. Angel moans, and Spicule says, "No need to thank me. Just helping the helpless." Ha! Spicule walks away, and Angel collapses again, panting. But not twitching.

Some time later, the MoG are gathered in Angel's apartment. Oh, and Eve's there, too. Who invited her? Wesley explains, "It was a Selminth parasite. Its teeth inject an anesthetic, making the host oblivious to its presence." He adds that the parasite fills its host with toxins that cause paralysis and hallucinations. Angel's busy gulping down a tall glass of blood. In a glass! Not a mug! Yay! It's the little things. Angel goes through the "And you were there, and you, and you" spiel. He complains that Gunn heckled him, leading Gunn to say, "Uh....sorry?" That might be my favorite joke -- that Angel interprets a leonine roar as heckling. Wesley says that eventually Angel would have been "stuck in a permanent vegatative state." Like Cordy! Cary wonders how Spicule knew that Angel needed rescuing. Angel looks shifty and admits, "Didn't say." I'd have liked a shot of Eve here, because I want to know if she's surprised that Spicule intervened. I mean, really. Did Lindsey screw her over? Did Lindsey tell Spicule about Angel's situation, expecting that Spicule would let Angel rot? Or was the rescue part of the plan?

Fred moves on to wondering if the beastie escaped from the lab. Angel suddenly says that Eve put the big one on him after he killed the first beastie. Eve says that Angel was dreaming, and Wesley insists that there was only one parasite. I'm annoyed that they're so quick to disbelieve Angel's accusation. Because suddenly they all trust Eve? Angel unsteadily stands up and says that Eve changed her clothes -- which is true. She was wearing a grey suit earlier, and now she's in a pastel dress. And people saw her in the grey suit, so it seems like it would be fine if Angel described what Eve was wearing, and the others confirmed that he was right, and that's how they all knew Eve was lying. But instead Angel says that Eve's still wearing the same earrings, which is a goofy way to catch her. Especially when she's lit so her ears are in shadows, so I can barely see the earrings that are suddenly so critical. Oh well. Eve denies, Fred confirms, and finally the MoG all stand up to look suspiciously at Eve. Angel suggests that the Senior Partners wouldn't like whatever she's trying to do. Eve huffs, "So things aren't going your way, and you're looking for someone outside your little circle to blame." She marches to the elevator and suggests, "Maybe you should try looking inward. Unless you don't like what you see." And then there's a shot that was a good idea, but I guess they couldn't master deep focus or something. The MoG are all gathered in the background, and a shot of glowery Angel has been superimposed on top of them. Good concept, poor execution.

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