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Little Angel In Slumberland

Fred says, "I told you he was empty." We whip across the room, and see Fred, Wesley, and Gunn sitting around a little bistro-style table. Wesley sits forward so that he's creepily illuminated by a red candle and complains, "We paid good money for this. We paid blood for this." Cary observes that the crowd is turning on Angel. Gunn turns, and we see that he's wearing cool yellow contacts with slit pupils like a kitty. He roars angrily. Eve steps up behind Fred and says, "You poor thing, you're really suffering, aren't you?" Cary says there's something on Angel's shirt. Angel looks down and sees the little alien chest-hugger attached to him. He grabs it and manages to pull it off his skin.

Angel sits up in his real bed, clutching the chest-hugger. He stares at it sweatily and closes his hand, crushing it. And it instantly goes from "kind of silly-looking" to "ew, gross, ew" as its guts ooze out into his hand. Ew. The focus shifts to Eve, standing across the room, holding the box from Lindsey's place. She says, "You killed Junior." She walks toward the bed, insisting that she's just another one of Angel's dreams. She unlatches the box and opens it, adding, "Don't worry. The dream's almost over." A much larger chest-hugger starts to climb out of the box. It looks like a hermit crab took up residence inside a skate. (The fish kind of skate, I mean.)

Eve smirks and exits while Angel watches the hermit-skate crawl up his body. He manages to swat it, and it makes an entertaining shriek as it is knocked off the bed. Angel hops out of bed and collapses.

Spicule returns to his new apartment with a six-pack, and finds the door open. Lindsey is making himself at home, but explains that he's just checking in. Lindsey starts to help himself to a beer, but Spicule grabs it away and tells Lindsey to "bugger off." Lindsey starts to say something, but then bends over moaning as a "vision" hits him. Spicule says he's not going to jump every time Lindsey has a vision of a frog, so to speak, but Lindsey says, "I think you're gonna want to jump on this one."

Angel pulls himself across the floor and manages to pull a phone off a table. He rolls over to dial, and the hermit-skate suddenly lands on his chest and bites him.

Angel is in a sunny meadow, sitting in an easy chair. We are way, way too close to his face. Yikes. Fred says, "This is really nice." Angel turns his head to see Fred strolling over, wearing a summery dress and with an especially curly hairdo. Wesley, Gunn, and Cary join Fred in gathering around Angel. Wesley soothes, "You can stay as long as you like. Stay forever." Angel says there's work to do, but Gunn quickly insists that they can take care of it. Cary adds, "Enough fighting, Angel-heart." Heh. "Time to let freedom ring. Let yourself go."Angel protests, but Fred says, "All you have to do is stop caring. Just --" and then she puts her head back and lets loose a high-pitched screech. Wesley, Gunn, and then Cary join in the shrieking as...

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