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Little Angel In Slumberland

Props to SistaKaren and Selannia.

We open back at the stirring climax of "Destiny," when Angel tells Spicule that the cup is a burden, not a trophy, and so on. This time Spicule cuts him off, saying, "Blah blah blah. Give it a rest, hero." Angel whines that it's his destiny, not Spicule's. Spicule turns, cup in hand, and tells Angel that his life has been a lie. "This was never about you," he finishes, and drinks from the cup. Spicule is bathed in light, and I wonder if his soul is going to leak out again. Spicule gasps, and drops the cup as he spreads his arms messianically. Angel screams as flames start erupting from his skin.

Cut to Angel waking up with a start in his office.

And cut again, to a strip joint, where Spicule is watching a young lady spin around on a pole. Whee! It's more like a burlesque show than a strip joint, actually, since the girl is fully dressed. Spicule finishes a drink and reaches into his pocket for some cash when a fresh drink is set before him. Spicule looks up at Lindsey and says, "Thanks, but [you're] not really my type, Mary." He pushes the drink back at Lindsey, who just stares at him. Johanna wonders how Spicule can afford to refuse drinks. "He doesn't have any money, does he? How is he paying for this stuff?" I theorize that he sold the car Angel gave him. And that Angel will be pretty grumpy when he finds out. Lindsey thinks that Spicule's looking kinda lost. Spicule identifies his location as The Peppermint Stick, and explains, "The prima ballerina up there's Sunshine. Though I'm fairly certain that's not her real name." Lindsey insists that they should talk. Spicule stands up, and there's a slightly weird shot of Spicule and Lindsey in profile, facing each other. They're only standing about a foot apart from each other so that they'll both fit in the frame, which might be why it looks so strange. It's hard not to imagine celebrity director David Boreanaz giggling to himself behind the camera: "See, they're the same height! Which is considerably shorter than I am! Ha!" Spicule tells Lindsey to go away, and then starts to stomp off. It seems like, if Spicule was leaving, he should have told Lindsey to stay put. Lindsey calls after him: "Get any interesting mail lately?" Spicule turns around all frowny and asks, "Who the bloody hell are you?" Lindsey sits down and replies, "Your new best friend." Hey, he's actually got earrings in both ears! Now I'm sure he's a pirate!

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