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Angel's A Puppet.

After the ads, Framkin is still twitching a little on the table while the puppets have a conference. Along with Polo, there's Groofus the dog, a ponytailed girl puppet, and Ratio Hornblower, a large, thing with a horn for a mouth. Polo pours some whiskey into a mug and demands to know who turned Angel into a puppet. Everyone mutters, except Ratio, who tweets. "Whaddya mean it wasn't us?" Polo asks. Tweet. Groofus suggests that Angel must have gone into the "Don't" room and "messed with the nest egg." Polo grumbles, "Might as well walk into a nuclear reactor and lick the core!" The girl suggests that maybe they should de-magicify a few of the workers so that someone would notice an intruder. Groofus agrees: "Damn zombies can't even work a camera." Polo says they don't need to, because the nest egg has enough power to work their magic, and announces, "Ratio has perfected our little system." Tweet. He says that they don't have to drain one child at a time anymore, so in tomorrow's show they'll take out the entire audience. Groofus guesses that tomorrow will be a big show, and enthuses, "'Cause I been working on dis great new song about de difference between analogy and metaphor...." Polo throws his mug at Groofus and points out, "We eat babies' lives!" Groofus argues, "And uphold a certain standard of quality edutainment!" Polo shouts, "The life-force we're pulling out of these snot-nosed kids is 100% pure innocence, dickwad! You have any idea of the street value that carries down in hell?" Ratio tweets. Polo agrees, "Damn right, we're gonna be rich!" He says that they'll be able to build their own Hades, which everyone sighs over. Framkin gasps, "Please let me die...." The puppets giggle, and Polo asks if Framkin wants to "talk to the hand." Framkin shakes his head slightly, but Polo goes ahead and jams his arm back inside Framkin's back. Framkin jerks upright and twitches, and the puppet giggles. Groofus says, "Make him swallow his tongue again!" It's the "again" that kills me.

Nighttime. Nina is back in her cell, getting ready to show her lovely bare back to the camera, when Angel calls to her. He lurks behind the door so that she can't see him, and apologizes for his behavior that morning. Nina says that she understands, and Angel mutters, "Pretty sure you don't." Nina says that Angel has a lot to do, and the last thing he needs is more complications from a "charity case." Angel cuts her off, sighs, and walks into the room. Nina stares, and there's a great matter-of-fact delivery when Angel explains, "I was turned into a puppet last night." Nina stammers and finally asks if he's okay. Angel explains, "I'm made of felt." Then he reaches up and pulls his nose off as he adds, "And my noze comes off." He stares at his nose, shakes his head a little, and pops it back on. He says he's sure the MoG will fix it eventually, and that he was rude that morning because he was embarrassed. Nina asks why he cares what anyone thinks, and rhapsodizes about how he's a hero, adding, "This may sound cliché coming from an art-school chick, but the vampire thing's kinda sexy." Heh. I like her. Angel admits that it sounds nice, but that he doesn't feel that way. Aw, poor sad Angel-puppet. Hee. Angel strolls around in the room as he ponders his "very complicated life," and says that he's not good at seeing what's going on around him. Sure, you can see it all coming, and once again, I don't care, because just as Angel says that he's trying to pay more attention to the world around him, a werewolf paw reaches through the bars and sinks into his head. Angel's jerked out of frame, then struggles back out, trying to get away as he shouts, "No Nina! Bad Nina! Gaaaah!" And he's pulled back toward the cage. Shredded cloth is flung out as we cut away.

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