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Angel's A Puppet.

A marionette version of Angel walks through the lobby, back to his office. As he passes Harmony's desk, he grumbles, "Get my call list." As he passes off-camera, he also tells her to give Spicule a car. Spicule walks up to Harmony's desk and deadpans, "You 'eard the puppet." I wonder if the cars are just bribes to keep Spicule from bothering him. I mean, as much. I also wonder if Spicule is actually just selling the cars to pay for his apartment, now that Lindsey isn't around. Wonder, wonder, wonder.

Gunn and Cary enter Gregor Framkin's office at the Smile Time studio. Framkin is wearing magnifying goggles as he builds a puppet, and takes them off to reveal David Fury. Hi! He's wearing a sweater-vest à la Henson. Hee. Gunn starts to explain why they're visiting, but Framkin interrupts to offer them cocoa, complete with "those itty-bitty marshmallows." Cary's tempted, but Gunn elbows him. Framkin recognizes Cary and says that he's accomplished a lot "despite [his] obvious deformities." Cary blinks as Framkin continues, "We have a song here at Smile Time that reminds me of your courage and pluck. It's called 'Courage & Pluck.' It goes a little like this: 'Oh, courage and pluck, courage and pluck.'" Gunn says that's enough, but I could never get enough of that joke. Maybe we're not soulmates after all. Gunn says that they're going to shut the show down, to which Framkin replies, "Oh my." Gunn stumbles as he tries to rattle off a legal citation and finally snaps, "You turned my boss into a frickin' puppet!" Framkin calmly says that Wolfram & Hart is infamous, and that if this becomes a fight, he thinks people will side with him. Gunn tells Cary, "We're through talkin' to this hunk of garbage." As they exit, Framkin waggles a finger at them and insists, "No name-calling at Smile Time!" Cary huffily turns around and huffs, "Bad person!" Hee hee hee. Framkin hums to himself as he goes back to work on the puppet, and the camera swings around to show that Polo has his hand jammed into an icky hole in Framkin's back. Polo pulls his arm out with a squishy sound, and Framkin collapses on the table. Polo picks up the phone, dials, and says, "Get everybody in here. We got a problem!"

Commercials. Many years ago, through an odd series of events, I got to visit the Henson offices in NYC. This is vaguely relevant since it means I can say the Smile Time offices look fairly accurate, except they're a bit tidier than the real thing. And, you know, there were fewer demons. Honestly, I'm just mentioning it because it was really cool and I somehow doubt I'll have another opportunity to bring it up in a recap. Bonus trivia fact: there are little Kermit footprints in the cement outside the building. Awww.

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