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Angel's A Puppet.

Angel walks back into his office, but then hears Nina opening the door and calling him. Angel freaks, throwing the remote over his shoulder as he dives behind the desk. And I do mean "dives." I wonder how many times they had to throw a stunt-puppet across the room before they got a shot that looked right. Anyway, Angel cowers under the desk as Nina enters. Seeing the room empty, she starts to leave, but then Angel knocks over a trash can and curses. Nina turns back and asks Angel if he's under the desk. Thinking fast, Angel says, "No! I...yes." Nina lies, "I can see you're busy," and apologizes if she made him uncomfortable the night before. Angel says that it's fine, and Nina finally asks, "Is there a reason you won't look at me?" Angel replies, "'Cause I'm under my desk." Fair enough. He crabbily asks her to leave, and Nina says, "Sorry, I guess," and exits. Angel climbs back into his chair just as Spicule wanders in saying, "Hey, big guy. Need another car. Afraid this last one ended up in the drink." Spicule stops dead upon seeing the puppet and gasps, "Look at you." Now, if Angel were smart here, he'd just play dead. Although, maybe not with Spicule, since if he thought Angel was a regular, inanimate puppet, he might start playing with it. So instead, Angel growls, "Spike! Just turn around, and walk away!" He mimes a little push toward the door. Spicule starts to grin, revealing the many, many wrinkles forming around his eyes, as he shouts, "You're a bloody puppet!"

Spicule is knocked back through the office doors, Angel on top of him. They roll around on the floor, fighting. Well, Angel's fighting, and Spicule's just giggling until he repeats, "You're a wee little puppet man!" Angel punches him. Spicule laughs. Angel punches again. This time Spicule says, "Ow! Tha's enough!" He tosses Angel up into the air, and Angel lands on his feet a short distance away in a continuous shot, and yeah, I think Edlund did a really good job directing what must have been an even more difficult episode than usual. Oh yeah, and props to Boreanaz, because sitting in a little ADR booth making grunts as if you're fighting has to be very weird. Angel tells Spicule to leave, and then Harmony blurts, "Oh my God, Angel, you're a --" Angel points a finger at her warningly and snaps, "Shut up!" Angel finally looks around at all of the suits filling the lobby, who are staring at him. He crabbily asks, "What are you people looking at? Well?" Spicule explains, "They're looking at the wee little puppet man." Angel gets even more enraged, and launches himself at Spicule. He ends up grabbing Spicule's arm in his mouth and holding on like a pit bull while Spicule shouts and flails around, trying to swat him off. At this point. I'm just staring at the television, hunched over, with my hands over my mouth, trying to breathe. Spicule backs away, tries swinging Angel into a wall, and finally is propelled back into the elevator as the doors close. The suits stand around as, from inside the elevator, there are crashes and bangs, and Angel grunting, "Stupid! Grimy! Piece of crap!" I hope this "Stupid, [fill-in-the-blank] piece of crap!" thing is going to be his new catchphrase. The doors reopen, and Angel steps out, straightening his clothes, while Spicule is revealed to be collapsed in a corner of the elevator. Angel looks around at the suits and says, "Yes, I'm a puppet. Doesn't mean you don't have work to do."

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