Smile Time

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Angel's A Puppet.

Fred, Wesley, and Gunn enter the office, wondering what's so urgent. Angel's chair is turned around to face the wall. I wonder how he got home. I guess since he's still got his vampire powers, it wouldn't be that hard. Oh, but imagine him taking the elevator upstairs -- he'd have to jump up to hit the buttons! Angel spins the chair around for a dramatic reveal. I imagine how he must have called everyone on the phone, and then jumped down from the desk and turned the chair around to face the wall, and pushed it real close so that when he was in the chair, he could kick the wall to spin the chair around. And I totally believe Angel would do all of that just for a dramatic reveal, too. The MoG boggle at the sight of the puppet. Fred rushes over to him and gasp, "Oh my God, Angel, you're...cute!" Angel turns his head away from her and holds his hand up as he moans, "Fred, don't!" I'm dying. Fred can't stop cooing over him, and reaches out to feel his feathery hair. Angel turns back to her and snaps, "You're fired." It's Cary's turn to enter and be boggled. Okay, my favorite thing about the puppet is the eyebrows, which I couldn't appreciate in the still photos. They replicated Boreanaz's prominent brow by giving the puppet these massive articulated brows that extend out about an inch, with little strips of fuzzy eyebrow on top of them. It just kills me. Angel explains that he visited the Smile Time offices, and he felt a spell "trying to get at [him]." He makes some wonderful hand gestures as he adds, "Then I met this guy with a towel over his head, and something exploded...I woke up like this." The MoG try to keep straight faces as they discuss the problem. Cary speculates that it's "some kind of puppet cancer." Angel grumps, "I do not have puppet cancer!" He says that this is a serious problem, and that children are in danger, and then he catches sight of a clock on his desk and gasps, "Hey, its Smile Time!"Angel hops down and rushes into the conference room, which means there's a shot of him bopping past the MoG with his mouth hanging open. I can't take it.

In the conference room, Angel struggles to operate the remote for the TV, and ends up starting to program the VCR instead. He starts pounding the remote against the table as he shouts, "Stupid! Plastic! Piece of crap!" Cary gently takes the remote from him and turns the TV on. Wesley says that Angel's "stress-response mechanism" has been altered, and Gunn translates, "You have the proportionate excitability of a puppet your size." I don't think that's a good translation, mind you. I'm just going to assume it's further evidence of Gunn losing his smarts. Fred calls the lab and asks someone to tape the Smile Time show. On the TV, the puppets are trying to cheer up a depressed Polo. They start to sing a song that may never get out of my head: "Self-esteem is for everybody!/ Self-esteem is for everyone!/ You can dream and be anybody,/ but self-esteem is how you get it done!" As Angel watches, his giant brows lower into a frown, and he literally starts to quiver with rage. Finally, he turns to Wesley and says he wants to attack Smile Time with helicopters and tear gas. Cary soothes him, "Angel, baby, muppet, pumpkin...." Cary explains that the show's very popular, and that they can't just nuke the site from orbit, while Angel frowns and puts his hand on his hip. Angel finally concedes the point and asks who runs the show. Cary says that the creator is a man named Gregor Framkin. Angel tells Cary and Gunn to visit Framkin, "let him know we're on to him," which shows that his cunning plans are about as good as ever. Wesley and Fred are told to investigate the magic affecting the children and Angel. As the MoG start to file out, Angel tells them to keep his condition classified. Then he leans over the table and rubs his giant brows. Does he still have no reflection as a puppet? I hope someone takes a photo of him, because it'd be a shame if he didn't know what he looked like.

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