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Angel's A Puppet.

Angel skulks around in the Smile Time offices. A janitor approaches pushing a cart, and doesn't seem to notice Angel even when Angel waves a hand in front of his face.

Angel enters a set of offices, which are decorated with stand-up cutouts, and stuffed toys, and posters that are dead-on parodies of the Henson publicity materials, and I love the set designer and the props crew. Angel suddenly leans against a desk as the camera tilts sickeningly. Then he straightens up and walks toward a set of vertical files against a wall. There's a rattling sound, and I think the idea is that the noises are coming from behind the cabinet, not inside it, but I'm not really clear on this bit. Angel moves the cabinet aside, and reveals a hole punched through the wall, leading to a long dark hallway.

Angel walks down the grubby hallway and sees a large sign on a set of sliding doors that says simply, "Don't." They must have known Angel was coming. He obeys the sign by snapping a padlock of the doors and opening them instead of just kicking them down, and steps inside.

In the room is a large metal egg hanging on the wall, and under it, a man sitting on a box with a towel draped over his head. The man twitches a bit, and moans, "You shouldn't be here." The egg on the wall starts to slide open, pouring light out into the room. Angel stares up at it quizzically. Dumb-ass. Then the egg suddenly opens completely with a flash of light, and Angel is knocked back into a convenient pile of boxes. The egg closes. The pile of boxes shifts, and then a little three-fingered puppet hand appears, and Angel pulls himself up into view, all puppety. He looks down at his hand, raises an enormous eyebrow, and says, "Huh?"

Commercials. "It gets an 'A'!" I crow. I ask Johanna if she thinks the puppet will vamp out. She's skeptical, but I say, "If the puppet vamps out, it gets an 'A+'!" By the way, in order to avoid saying "Hee!" five thousand times in the rest of this recap, just assume that I'm laughing at almost everything if the puppet is in the scene.

There's some user-error involved in pressing "record" again when the show returns, but luckily I just miss a few seconds of Fred technobabbling at Angel over a speakerphone. Fred mentions that she's called the CDC, which is funny to me because I've met some CDC folk, and maybe they're not all like that, but if they are, Fred would fit in with them really well. Angel tries to interrupt a few times as Fred details her research, and finally shouts, "Fred! Believe me, it's mystical!"

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