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Angel's A Puppet.

Fred announces, "I may have a case." Wesley and Angel chorus, "Thank God." Johanna and I say, "Holy God" at the sight of Fred's teeny pleated miniskirt. After watching a bunch of Season 3 episodes again on DVD, I was surprised to realize that she actually did wear miniskirts a lot in the past. I think the difference is that they weren't quite so mini, and she was usually wearing flats then whereas now she's stumbling about in high heels. So it came off more like casual college-student clothing then, whereas now, in the corporate setting, it just seems wildly inappropriate. Just to get all of my "Fred's clothes" babbling out of the way at once: it would make slightly more sense if they'd been playing this as part of Fred's efforts to get Wesley's (or Knox's) attention, and I guess that still could have been the idea, but if so, maybe they should have had her style of clothing suddenly change after "Lineage" or thereabouts. I don't know. Amy Acker is gorgeous, but the attempt to make her look sexy is just making her look prepubescent. Okay, I'm done. Fred hands Angel the paperwork as she explains that there are seven comatose kids. Oops. It was eleven kids a few scenes ago. I guess a few of them got better. Or died. While Angel looks through the paperwork, Fred tells Wesley about all the work she's done trying to find a non-magical cause, and Angel interrupts to point out that all of the children collapsed in front of a television between 7:00 and 7:30 AM. Apparently Fred can do anything, except read things that are right in front of her. Angel bounds off to investigate. Fred wonders why Angel's so eager to get to work, and Wesley explains that Angel's finally noticed Nina's interest in him. Fred says it took him long enough, and Wesley sniffs, "He can be rather dense." Fred mentions that her car is in the shop, and as she's saying, "Maybe you and I could --," Wesley picks up the phone and requests a car for her. Fred looks disappointed. You know, I'll actually accept this, because it would make sense if Wesley thinks, "Fred's trying to be friendly, but hanging out with her just makes me more annoyed and frustrated, so I'd rather not." Or alternatively, he's an idiot. Flip a coin.

Cary voice-overs, "All the signals are there, jefe, loud and clear." The desiccated remains of the ironic conversation shrivel away a tiny bit more. We cut to Cary and Angel in Angel's office. Cary adds, "Nina definitely wants a piece of Angel cake." Ewwww. Angel rubs his forehead repeatedly as he asks Cary to stick to the job, and the emphasis on the forehead-rubbing seemed strange at the time, but since the puppet does it later, I think they were just trying to make sure that was in our heads as a gesture Angel does. Cary thinks of a show that fits the time slot and demographic, and holds up the photo of the grinning kid as he says, "Smile Time."

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