Smile Time

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Angel's A Puppet.

Wesley is tidying his office when Fred enters and says that the kids are recovering. Wesley's pleased to hear that, and suggests that they should both get some rest. Fred blocks his exit and asks if he's going to leave. She asks if he's noticed anything different about her lately. Did it occur to her that maybe Wesley's not interested in her anymore? I just think it's odd that she assumes Wesley's not picking up on her signals, instead of considering the other possibilities. Or maybe she knows better because of all the stalking. I dunno. She finally gives up on talking, and plants a kiss on him. Then she says, "That was a signal, okay? Was that clear enough for you?" Wesley smirks and says, "Not even close," which, ew. The "Self-Esteem" song kicks in as Fred and Wesley mack. They're kind of cute together if I forget how irritating they both are. But it's pretty hard to forget that. On the other hand, if they're kissing, they're not talking, so: hooray!

Next week: Angel's choice changes everything. Will Nina be hurt when she finds Angel holding hands with Spike? Tune in and find out.

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