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Angel's A Puppet.

The girl watching TV at home starts to sway, dazed, as Gunn pulls the puppet off of himself and tosses her right into the camera. I think we should have seen more of how this looked at home. I guess the idea is that the kids didn't see what was happening because they were zoned out. That's no fun.

Fred reads Latin from the scrolls, and starts to develop romantic feelings for herself. Ratio keeps beating Wesley up. Wesley is tossed across the room, and then Ratio grabs a fire extinguisher and gets ready to club Wesley with it. Fire extinguishers are a popular weapon on this show, have you noticed? Ratio is interrupted when Fred suddenly fires a gun, hitting him in the arm. The next shot smashes his plastic eyeball, and then Fred and Wesley trade significant looks like, "You killed a robot simulcrum of your father for me, so I'll kill a giant demonic puppet and/or costume for you." Ain't love grand?

Polo tells Angel, "I'm gonna tear you a new puppet-hole, bitch!" Angel does a "kick" that consists of the puppet turning over almost completely, but the ridiculousness is what makes it funny. Angel crouches over Polo -- whose pupils are all small to indicate surprise or fear or both -- and starts strangling him. Polo says, "So, you got a little demon in you?" Angel says, "I got a lot of demon in me," and vamps out. A+! Hooray! Amusingly enough, the vamped version of the puppet probably has smaller eyebrows. Angel picks Polo up and throws him into a tree house on the set, which, I guess, kills him. I'm not entirely clear on how you kill a puppet, but I don't really care.

Fred's still chanting as Wesley shoves Ratio across the room and pulls his, um, mouth-horn out. Ratio makes a sound like deflating bagpipes as air wooshes into the new hole in his face, and then Wesley shoves the horn into Ratio's other eye. Ratio collapses.

Angel devamps, straightens his jacket, and checks on Gunn. Gunn holds up two severed puppet-limbs and says he's okay. On a camera behind him, the girl-puppet is hanging with stuffing coming out of her mouth. I love that, too.

Fred winds up her chanting as the metal egg cracks and finally explodes.

At home, the little girl is thrown back across the room, landing neatly in her beanbag chair. Whee!

At Wolfram & Hart, Nina wakes up, pulls a piece of stuffing out of her mouth, and gasps, "Oh, my God. I ate him." Then Angel knocks on the door and asks if she's decent. Relieved, she pulls a robe on, and Angel enters. He says, "Wes and Fred say my condition is improving." Improving how? Are parts of him not a puppet? Can we forget I asked that? He says he'll be fine in two or three days. Then he opens the cage and asks what Nina's doing for breakfast. Nina smiles and asks what puppets eat. Angel holds his hand out to her and says, "Let's find out."

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