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Angel's A Puppet.

Cary walks through the lobby, heading for Angel's office, when he hears a gasp. He turns and sees a disheveled Angel marionette standing down the hall, holding in the large amounts of stuffing that are oozing out of his chest. Angel stretches his hand out and calls Cary, and then collapses. Cary shouts, "My little prince!" Cary rushes over and picks up Angel, asking what happened. Angel moans, "Nina...tried me." Dying. Cary hurries down the hall, doing a masterful job of not cracking up as he tells Angel, "Don't stop fighting!" and shouts, "Doctor! Is there a Gepetto in the house?"

Cut to a decidedly non-Gepetto doctor . It is, in fact, Dr. Sparrow from "Conviction." Gunn enters the room just as Sparrow finishes doing something icky to a patient's eyes. The patient puts on plastic sunglasses, and Sparrow tells him to "give those fancy new retinas a chance to adjust." The other patient leaves, and Sparrow tells Gunn, "X-ray vision. Very now." Gunn says that something's wrong with his implant. After a five-second examination, Sparrow observes that the imprint is fading, and that Gunn has "acute Flowers for Algernon syndrome." Gunn orders Sparrow to fix it, but Sparrow says Gunn can't afford it: "You were given that upgrade because the Senior Partners wanted you to have it. And if you're losing it, well, they wanted that, too." Gunn insists that he needs his mastery of law and Gilbert & Sullivan and demon law and languages and cultures and golf, only, okay, he doesn't list them all out like that, which is kind of a shame. Sparrow wonders if his new abilities gave Gunn's life meaning, which seems unlikely, but anyway. Sparrow adds, "To have it taken away, it's heartbreaking. Though I do think Cliff Robertson captured the poignance of it more elegantly." Sparrow offers a deal: he's awaiting a shipment that's caught up in Customs. Gunn asks if it's drugs, and Sparrow chuckles, "Goodness, no, I make my own drugs." Heh. He says it's an ancient curio he wants to make a profit on, and that Gunn could probably cut through the red tape for him. Gunn says he doesn't make deals with evildoers. Sparrow snarks that he doesn't offer deals to people like Gunn: "The ignorant street muscle, the high-school dropout. I would, however, love to make a deal with Charles Gunn, Attorney at Law."

On the Smile Time tape, Polo declares that it's time for "Action Math News," and the camera swings over to show Groofus and Ratio behind a "news desk." Groofus says, "Our top story this morning: two plus two is four." Groofus turns to another camera to add, "And in related news, four plus four is eight!" Fred and Wesley are watching the tape down in the lab. Wesley sighs, "Could be the lack of sleep talking, but I'm really starting to like this show." Fred chuckles and agrees as Knox enters, announces that it's 4:00 AM, and hands a cup of coffee to Fred. Knox starts to sip from the other cup as Wesley watches. Then Knox fakes an apology and offers the cup to Wesley, who declines. Heh. Fred technobabbles, and Knox takes a dig at Wesley, calling him "Merlin." Fred quickly suggests that Knox go home and get some sleep. Knox heads for the door while the puppets start singing a song about math: "There's a little bit of math/ in everything/ from the number of your toes/ to the arc of a swing./ And even in the length/ of a yo-yo string!/ There's a little bit of math/ in everything." Knox looks back to see Fred sharing her coffee with Wesley, and then leaves. Once he's gone, Wesley asks Fred how things are going between her and Knox. Fred says that they went out a few times, and that Knox is nice, "but...I think he's been working here too long." She adds that he doesn't make her laugh, which has to be a lie, doesn't it? Because Knox is funny. On the other hand, Fred is crazy. Wesley turns to the computer and passive-aggressives, "I see. You're looking for someone funny." Fred says she'd like "a certain kind of funny," and the joke here seems a little too obvious, so I'll abstain. She adds, "I'm not really looking for so much as looking at --" and of course she's cut off before she can finish the sentence, as Wesley suddenly notices something on the tape. They replay part of the song, and when Wesley hits "mute," he can see Polo leaning up against the TV screen. Then Wesley applies this newfound knowledge to Fred, develops a mute button for her, and learns that when she's babbling incoherently she's actually performing evil magic. Oh, wait, that was all in my head, sorry. Instead, they just discover that the song is part of a cloaking spell that hides Polo's conversation with the potential victim.

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