Slouching Toward Bethlehem

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Yeats Is Enough

I tried like hell to get this done yesterday. Oh well. Happy Halloween(ish), and happy birthday(ish), Johanna. Previously on Angel, Angel went swimming, Lilah went slumming, and Cordy trod so sweetly proud as 'twere on a cloud. Um, and then she reappeared mysteriously.

An SUV is on the side of the road. Dad fiddles under the hood while Mom tries to start the engine. Junior sits in the back, being a surly teen. Junior looks up and sees Connor staring at him. Connor's probably thinking, "I'm so much surlier than he is." Connor asks if they're okay, and then tells Dad, "You're in trouble." Dad doesn't think so, and Connor looks at Junior again and compliments him on his baseball cap. Dad says they've called for help, and we see a tow-truck screech onto the road and race toward them. Dad turns back and realizes that Connor has vanished. As the truck pulls up, Dad calls to the driver, "I'm not sure if we need a jump or a tow!" A vamp hops out of the truck and hurries toward them, quipping, "I vote jump!" Another vamp runs for the car, and Mom quickly locks the door. The vamp just smashes the window and tries to pull Mom out. Dad gets his head smashed into the truck's hood. Mom screams as the vamp drags on her arms, and then poof, there's just dust and Connor, who asks if she's okay. He reaches into the SUV and pushes in the lighter. Connor goes for the other vamp, gets flipped for his trouble, and suddenly the soundtrack goes all James Horner for a second. It's weird. Took me ages to figure out why it sounded familiar, too, but eventually I decided it sounded a little like Aliens. Just for a few seconds. Anyway, they keep fighting, and Connor gets thrown into the back of the tow truck. He starts clobbering the vampire with a plastic gas pitcher, splattering the vampire with gasoline in the process. Which is the part I missed the first time I watched this. What follows makes so much more sense now. Connor does a Gymkata flip out of the truck and vanishes. The vamp goes back to Dad, and is just about ready to dig in when Connor says, "Hey." The vamp turns, and Connor tosses something which the vamp catches. It turns out to the be lighter. The vamp quickly explodes into flames and sparks, which looks awfully pretty. Gee, Connor plans ahead. He goes to help Dad up, and calmly asks, "Is that your family?" The wigged-out Dad doesn't respond, and rushes back to the SUV. Connor watches the family as they hug and reassure each other, for the world's more full of weeping than he can understand.

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