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Antihero In A Half-Shell

Props to Nokia and Dachelle.

Previously on Angel, Fred died. A lot.

Continuing right where we left off last week, Illyria stares at her hand while Wesley stands up and asks, "Fred?" He's a little slow. Illyria curiously walks toward the mirror, and Acker's body language as Illyria is neat. She's sort of stiff and uncomfortable in her own skin, which makes sense since it isn't her own skin. She looks at herself in the mirror as Wesley more grumpily says, "Illyria." Illyria turns and sniffs, "Because I've returned in the body of a human, you think you can speak to me. It's disgusting." Wesley asks Illyria who Winifred Burkle is, presumably because he's trying to figure out if Illyria is aware of her body's former owner, and not because he forgot. Illyria grumbles at the fact that humanity hasn't died out yet, and Wesley quavers, "So you don't know who Fred is?" Illyria says that she doesn't care, and scores many points by adding, "Bleat at me no longer -- we're done." She turns away, and Wesley picks up an axe and agrees, "We are," before swinging it at Illyria's head.

Credits. I tell Johanna, "It'd be really funny if the axe works. Like, when we come back, Illyria's dead, and they spend the rest of the episode on a whole new plot." Johanna says that from now on she's ending all of her conversations with "bleat at me no longer."

When we return, the axe-head shatters on Illyria's skull without her seeming to notice. She casually says, "Now I remember. Winifred Burkle is the shell I'm in." Wesley punches his "tragic bereavement" button and sits down on the bed, moaning that Fred's the woman Illyria killed. Illyria stares at him and correctly identifies the mood he's projecting as "grief." She says, "It's like offal in my mouth," and even though she pronounces it like "oh-full," I have to wonder yet again if the show is recapping itself. Plus, you'd think a demon would like offal. Wesley, who has tears running down his cheeks, gah, says, "If you stay here, you'll taste it every day." He walks to the window and tells her that humans rule the world now, saying, "Like roaches crawling everywhere, crying and sweating, and puking their feelings all over you." Wesley, not everyone hates life as much as you do. I've heard. He goes on telling Illyria to go back to sleep until humanity dies off -- oh! It's a Clever Trick! Subtle. Illyria somehow manages to see through his gambit, and says, "This carcass is bound to me. I could not change that if I cared to." She adds that if humanity rules the earth, she has work to do. With that, she throws Wesley into a wall.

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