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It's evening, so they drive up to the spa with the convertible's top down. As they all start to get out of the car, Angel tells Wesley and Cordy to stay there and keep an eye out for the Vigories. Wesley nods, tries to leap out of the backseat, and ends up falling on his face. I wonder if the French like Wesley? Angel walks in through the front door. I guess maybe the spa doesn't qualify as a house, so he doesn't need an invitation? Or something? Holistic Boy greets him with a hearty, "Welcome, bro!" as Angel demands to see Jhiera. Holistic Boy says "I'm sorry, no Jhiera here, but I already see [that] I can help you. First, let's talk about the clothes vibe..." Angel grabs him and says that there are men coming after Jhiera. Holistic Boy asks which dimension Angel is from, and Angel growls, "You don't want to know." Uh, isn't he from this dimension? He had that pit stop in hell (get it?) but he's not really from there. Maybe Angel realizes his comeback didn't make any sense, because he pushes Holistic Boy out of the way and goes in search of Jhiera himself. He quickly finds her in the ice room. She turns and says, "What are you doing here? I thought I made it clear!" She speaks in rhyming couplets! Angel says the Vigories are coming, and Jhiera tells him that she's moving her operation in the morning. Angel tells her that's not soon enough: "They're on their way, they'll be here --" "Now!" says Cordy, running in with Wesley. Angel tells Wesley and Cordy to help pack up the girls for travel, and sends out Holistic Boy to stall the Vigories. Which is a pretty damn unfair thing to do. I mean, why didn't Angel send Jhiera out, or go himself, instead of sending the guy who seems least able to fend off a pack of demons? But I guess Angel only believes in keeping the womenfolk out of danger. Wesley starts introducing himself as he helps a girl out of her icebed, presumably because he's affected by her ko. Or maybe by her bikini.

Holistic Boy offers Tay and his troops a red clay massage, adding, "We have hands that heal, brothers." Tay punches him, apparently snapping Holistic Boy's neck in the process. Damn, I liked that guy. Tay's troops move into the now-empty ice room. Angel and Jhiera suddenly drop from the ceiling and start busting heads. Wesley and Cordy pack the girls into crates on a truck. Wesley holds a girl's hand as he helps her climb into her box, and says, "My, what a firm grip. Very healthy." Then, much to my dismay, he says, "Suprisingly firm myself under the jacket. Have a feel?" From the way he's holding his arm out, I believe he's asking her to feel his biceps. At least, I hope and pray that's what he means. Cordy points out, "You're pathetic, and about to get your eyeballs fried!" and packs up the last girl. Jhiera and Angel are still battling when Wesley and Cordy run back in and join the fray. They are, naturally, grabbed by Vigories pretty quickly. Tay tells Angel to return Jhiera and the other girls to him, or he'll kill Wesley and Cordelia. Jhiera takes in the situation, responds, "Then they die," and leaves. Cordy and Wesley suddenly whack their elbows backward into their captors, and the struggle resumes. Wesley actually manages to do some kicking and look reasonably competent, and soon the Vigories run away.

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