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A short blipvert whisks us away to the Palm Ridge Spa. Which appears to have moved into the little hacienda that served as Russell's home in the series premiere. A lanky guy, who's got some kind of smarmy-yet-attractive James Spader look going for him, is raking a rock garden. Jhiera enters, and the guy greets her by saying, "Just when I needed the artistic eye of a goddess." Jhiera demands to know where the girls are. He responds, "And namaste to you, too. Apparently 'namaste' translates as 'you're welcome' although it is used as a greeting in, among other places, Nepal. They're right where you left them." As Jhiera strides off into the courtyard, the holistic boy asks, "Are you okay? You look spun." Jhiera and Holistic Bboy enter a small room which has three octagonal tubs in it, each of which contains a lot of ice and a half-naked girl. Jhiera asks Holistic Boy how they girls are, and he says, "They're chillin'!" All right: heh. Jhiera tells him that the Vigories recaptured one of the girls, and he says, "Man, that's lame!" I know he sounds like a stupid Bill & Ted clone, but he is pretty funny. Jhiera goes on to say that the Vigories are on her trail, and that they'll have to relocate. Holistic Boy says, "The girls aren't ready. They need serious isolation and temperature adjustment before they mellow out enough to deal with the world." When Jhiera insists that the girls have to be moved, he suggests, "My shaman has a place in the desert. He never could turn away scantily-clad women in distress -- from any dimension." Jhiera stares at him. He says, "I wish you'd let me work on your mirth chakra." I'm dying to know how these two hooked up. Jhiera asks if the shaman is trustworthy, and is told, "He's good people." Jhiera decides they'll move to the shaman's place in the morning, and scoops up a handful of ice to rub on herself.

Meanwhile, back at the compost heap...Wesley listens to his cell phone ring and complains, "Still no answer." Cordy grumbles, "I bet he forgot to turn that thing on again. You'd think a guy who knows how to use an ancient Scythian short bow could figure out how to use a cell phone." Wesley suggests that they go in search of Angel. They start to leave, but then duck back as another Vigory marches in. He tells Tay that he may have found the women: "A worker at an ice plant tells me [that] he recently started shipping two tons of ice a week to this address." Tay readies his troops. Cordy and Wesley hurry into Angel's apartment. Angel wanders out, toweling off his bare chest. Shudder. At least he's wearing pants. And shoes. And his hair looks dry. Is this some guy thing I don't know about, where you get half-dressed before you finish drying yourself off? Anyway, Cordy snaps, "We nearly got burned from the inside out, and you're here getting all April-fresh?" Wesley explains that they tried to call him, and Angel looks embarrassed as he explains, "I had to take a shower." Again, shudder. Cordy tells Angel what they overheard, and Angel quickly pulls on a sweater, much to my relief. Cordy says, "The demon guy said something about a lot of ice being delivered somewhere. No one said where." Angel digs out the shipping order he found earlier, and gets the address from it.

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