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I think this whole scene is meant to be full of sexual tension, but it comes off as plain old everyday tension to me, to the point that I really wish they'd both sit down and have a beer or something to relax. Angel whispers, "I'm guessing the royal family isn't loving the portal-jumping, refugee-aiding duties you've assigned yourself." Jhiera admits that her family claims that she's dead, "But the women know. Here, we have a name. We have a chance to become. But it's difficult. When the ko first matures, the girls can't manage it, our physical energy. We come to your world in a fever." "That's why -- the ice," Angel pants. Jhiera says that when she escaped to this world, "I thought I would die from the heat under my skin." The camera pans to reveal that her ko is glowing red as she adds, "And your people, the men, some respond to the ko involuntarily. They try to force themselves. It wasn't safe for me, until I found the frozen water. As long as I could stay cool, the worst of it passed in a few months time. Then I started to learn to control my power." "Like last night, when you burned me," Angel says, sounding kind of bitter about the whole thing. Jhiera grins as she says, "I intended to hurt you." Angel asks who killed the guard, and she explains, "He tried to touch one of my girls. It was his own fault." Angel says that the guard probably meant no harm, and Jhiera points out that the girl's reaction was involuntary. So, it's all just a big crazy misunderstanding! I bet they'll all have a good chuckle about this later. Angel asks about the other four men who've been barbecued and says, "I understand what you're trying to do, and I'll help you if I can. But you can't go around hurting men in my world." Jhiera gets uppity, and says, "I'm daughter to a king, sir. A king who promised happiness, and a better life for everyone. I didn't denounce him and escape for my good alone. I did it to see his promise come true for all the women in Oden Tal. If a few have to die in order to protect my people --" Angel interrupts, "They're my people who are dying, and it's my promise to protect them." "Then tell them to stay out of my way," Jhiera snaps, and heads for the door. Angel tries to stop her, and she puts a glowing hand on his chest. She shakes for a minute, bows her head, and then pulls away from him. She says, "You, too; I don't need your help," and leaves.

Cordelia and Wesley visit the generically named, "California Flower Mart." Something strange is going on with Cordy's hair; it looks particularly shaggy for some reason, but at least her clothing isn't too insane. Cordy is nervous about trying to find the Vigories without Angel, but Wesley says something about initiative and drive, which translates to brown-nosing, and then is briefly distracted by a flower called Nancy's Petticoat before they set off in search of a big pile of compost. They enter a storage area, and Cordelia hisses, "I'm sure we shouldn't have come here; it smells like flower poop." Flower poop? They duck behind some canisters when they hear Tay saying, "The portal will open soon, and only for a short while." He tells his troops to take the girl they caught to the "entry point" and send it home. He asks the zombified girl if she'd like to go home, and she stares blankly at him and says, "It is happy to go, as soon as you say." Apparently the ko also controls their ability to use first person pronouns. The girl is led away, and Tay declares, "This won't stop until we find Jhiera."

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