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There's a screeching noise and a wall starts warping, and it looks like John Rhys-Davies and the rest of the Sliders are going to pop in any second. A wind blows, lights flash, and SWMBR holds out her hands as a blob forms and drops to the ground. The blob turns out to be a naked, ridged chick. Angel, ever the gentleman, grabs a dropcloth and wraps it around the girl. SWMBR helps the girl up as Angel asks, "What are you running from?" "It is not your concern," SWMBR says. "You are not one of us." Just then Tay and a bunch of his friend enter the room. Angel says, "No, but I think I'll stick around anyway." Tay tells Angel to leave, and adds, "The traitor it, and the other, are ours." Forced to pick sides, Angel naturally decides to defend the women, even SWMBR attacked him earlier. I hope someday he decides to help a woman just because she's female, and it turns out to be a bad decision. Anyway, he starts fighting the Vigories, but a couple of them manage to grab the new arrival and run out of the room. SWMBR shoves her palm out and throws one of the Vigories across the room. She takes out another the same way, and then looks up to see a car racing away. Angel asks what will happen to the girl. SWMBR says, "She will be unmade."

The wailing girl is dragged through a large flower shop. The girl says, "I'll be good, I promise. You don't have to do this to me." "Why does it speak when no one listens?" Tay wonders as they step onto a freight elevator. Underground, the girl is pulled into a room where another Vigory is holding a nasty-looking gadget. "It will now be restored," Tay says. The girl is held in place, and Tay tells her, "You'll feel so much better after this." The nasty gadget is hooked over the top of the ridge running down the girl's back. There's a snapping sound, and the girl screams.

SWMBR strolls around Angel's apartment. She takes off her coat, allowing us to see that she has black cords tied around her arms, and that her pants have some kind of red fishnet pattern of seams. She asks why a vampire would help her, and Angel explains about the kooky gypsies and their curse. While SWMBR dresses an invisible scratch on her arm, Angel asks her what's going on. SWMBR says, "In Oden Tal, what you call personality -- our passions -- these impulses sit in an area of the body we call the ko." She turns around and displays her back ridge to Angel. Angel stands very close, leaning over to examine her ko, and whispers, "And your pursuers, they want to take this from you?" She turns around and says, "Once females come of age, ko controls our physical and sexual power. It even signals when we're...aroused, and have met desirable mates. But when it's removed --" Angel concludes, "You're more easily controlled." SWMBR slowly walks around Angel in a tight circle as she says, "We obey their every command, serve without questioning. We leave behind dreaming." Angel points out that SWMBR escaped, and she says, "I was the first. I am Jhiera." Which is pronounced "Zheera," which sounds an awful lot like "She-Ra." But I'm just glad I can stop referring to her as SWMBR. When Angel doesn't seem to recognize the name, she clarifies, "Jhiera of Oden Tal! My family rules the dimension." Oh, that Jhiera.

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