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After the commercials, Angel and She Who Must Be Refrigerated try to interrogate each other. SWMBR guesses that he's working for "them," and asks, "How much do they pay you to hunt us?" Angel says he works for himself, and asks if she knows how Mr. Wilkers got burned to a crisp. She starts to rush him, and Angel swings a chair up to block her. But she whirls around and under his arm so that she's right in front of him, and then does something that seems to make him unhappy. So far, I like her. Cut to Angel crashing through the office door. As he picks himself up, a cell phone starts ringing. SWMBR pulls out a phone, asks a few questions like "Where?" and "How soon?" and quickly leaves. As she hurries down the street, we can all admire her outfit. She's wearing big clunky shoes, leather pants and a leather halter-top with a great big round cutout to show off her wonderbra cleavage. She's also got a long, thin, jacket with red trim which for some reason makes the rest of it slightly more acceptable to me. I guess if I looked like Bai Ling, I might dress that way, because she does look ready to kick some ass. Or maybe Cordy's outfits have increased my tolerance for fashion risks. She also has little ridges above her cheekbones, and a black zigzag mark accenting her left eye, and unnerving violet contact lenses. Anyway, she gets into a car and drives off, while behind her we see Angel climb out onto the rooftop and jump down to the ground.

I've noticed that they never seem to have car chases on television anymore -- especially ones where cars hurtle through the air and crash into each other and innocent commuters are casually killed in giant exploding pile-ups. And this episode of Angel doesn't have most of that either, but at least there's a car chase. As Angel goes into hot pursuit mode, he pulls out a cell phone and dials. He gets a message saying his call did not go through. He redials, and this time he gets a low battery alarm. Rummaging through the glove compartment, he pulls out a cigarette-lighter adapter and hooks it up to the phone. He looks up in time to make a sudden turn, cutting off someone, but still avoiding an actual collision. At Angel's office, the phone rings, and Cordy answers. Angel declares, "I hate this cell phone that you gave me. Any luck?" Cordy tells him that they've found four other cases of men being burned to death "from the inside out," all of which occurred in the past eleven months. ["Man, they should hook up with the crew at Now and Again. -- Wing Chun] She asks if Angel found the chaos-bringing thing, and Angel says that he did: "And it's not an it. It's a she." The phone begins cutting out, so that it sounds as if Cordy asks, "Did she care you?" "Did she care about me?" Angel asks. Cordy repeats, "Did she Carrie you? Carrie, the movie, you know?" The phone cuts in and out some more, and Angel finally says, "These things were definitely cooked up by a bored warlock." He tells Cordy and Wesley to keep trying to find Tay, and describes SWMBR, adding that "She seemed intelligent; she was very attractive, for a demon." Cordelia comments, "A hottie, huh? I guess she's that, all right, what with the sizzle." The phone begins going out again, sparing Angel from hearing Cordy's joke. He finally hangs up and throws the phone into the back seat. Apparently some people found the phone bit tiresome, but I like it when they inject a few real-world annoyances into the stream of fantasy, so it worked for me.

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