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Wesley and Angel check a map and determine that they can't get to the factory via the tunnels, so Angel will have to drive. Wesley insists on coming along to "earn his keep," and then starts to ask about the details of his salary. "There's no dental," Angel instantly says, aware that Wesley is English. Wesley nods and says that he'll floss. Cordelia, rubbing a glass of ice water on her head, tells them to be careful. Have you noticed a little motif with the ice yet? Like big, icy anvils? Duck and cover now, because there's a lot more of them looming overhead.

Angel's convertible pulls up in the shadow of the ice factory. You know those indoor/outdoor sunglasses that darken in bright light? I think the windows of this car are made out of the same stuff, because the tinting looks a lot darker here then it has in other episodes. Angel enters the building and finds the charred body. He pulls out the guy's wallet, and maybe this is how Angel makes his money! Oh, nope, he just pulls out a business card for "Peter Wilkers' Private Security" and puts the wallet back. Next, he explores the back room, which contains bags of ice, and the now-open box. Which is full of, that's right: ice. A figure scurries past in the background, and Angel, alerted by the sudden crash of music on the soundtrack, turns around and walks back onto the warehouse floor. A guy in black with a ridge on his forehead skulks around and is suddenly confronted by Angel, who says, "Captain Inferno, I presume?" Angel grabs a crowbar and starts to threaten the skulker, until he notices a hole burned in the skulker's shirt. "You didn't burn him, did you? Who are you?" The skulker seems disinclined to talk until Angel threatens him with the crowbar a bit. "I am called Tay," he finally admits. Tay says he's from another dimension, and explains, "I was sent by my people to stop it." When Angel asks what Tay is supposed to stop, Tay says, "The bringer of chaos." Angel asks if it's a demon. Tay says, "More than a demon -- it is a vessel of pure rage." Angel lowers his crowbar and asks how to kill this chaos-bringer, but Tay says Angel can't kill it, and advises him to stay away.

Back at the office, Angel shows off a sketch he made of Tay, and tells Cordelia and Wesley what he's learned. Upon hearing that Tay's people are from another dimension, Wesley is unfazed and says that they must have traveled through portals. Cordy demands, "When did they put in portals? Don't we have enough on our hands without burning monster fiends coming here?" Wesley assures Angel that they'll put a stop to the extradimensional terror, and calls Angel "Boss" for good measure. Cordelia tells Wesley, "Stop kissing butt! It's not like we get overtime." Then she tells Angel that she'll look for any other incidents of people being incinerated lately. Angel goes off to find out who hired the security guy. He pulls his car up beside a building. Since it's after sundown, he's got the top down and the windows set to "untinted." The building's front door is locked, so Angel strolls around to the side and readies his twin grappling hooks. It's only one storey, and I'm pretty sure we've seen him jump at least that high, but if he wants to play with his Batman toys, I guess that's his choice. After getting that out of his system, he enters Peter Wilkers' office and pulls a file out of a cabinet. Then he jimmies open a locked desk drawer and finds an envelope containing a wad of cash and a shipping order. It seems that the Jericho Ice Company is supposed to make a delivery to the Palm Ridge Spa. Angel pockets the shipping order and replaces the envelope as the office door begins to open. Angel looks up as a sizzling blast throws him to the floor. He looks up to see our guest star, Ms. Bai Ling. She doesn't look like a vessel of pure rage, unless maybe it's all directed at her agent.

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