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Jhiera is hurrying to the truck when another Vigory grabs her from behind. Tay pops up with his Ronco brand ko-slicer, and prepares to do some snipping as Jhiera struggles to escape. Then Angel grabs Tay from behind. These people have got to learn to watch their backs. Angel tells the other Vigory, "Unless you want to see your leader dead, let her go." Jhiera is released, and stares at Angel for a moment until he shouts at her to go. Angel waits until the truck has a solid fifty-yard head start and then lets go of Tay. Angel tells Tay, "I don't want you bringing your war here again." Tay says, "I have no choice. If this enemy persists, our whole society crumbles." Angel responds, "And if it persists on my turf, you're gonna have another enemy." Tay says, "You don't understand our ways, human." Angel concedes that he doesn't, then vamps out and adds, "And I'm not human. Now if I were you, I'd grab the next portal out of here, got it?" Tay, rather inexplicably cowed by this, quietly turns to leave. Maybe his people don't have stakes.

The next morning, Angel picks up the still-sealed bag of coffee beans. He shakes it a little, then squeezes it experimentally. The bag explodes, spilling coffee beans all over the floor. Just then, Cordy and Wesley walk in, and Wesley promptly steps onto the beans and falls down. Did he get onto the Watchers' council through some sort of outreach program? Cordy observes, "Mushing didn't work out so great, huh?" Wesley apologizes and starts trying to scoop up the beans, muttering, "Cagey little brutes, aren't they? I'll wash them if you like. Individually. They'll be just as good as new. Better!" Angel helps him up and tells him to stop. Cordy tells Wesley, "Wow, groveling isn't just a way of life for you -- it's an art." Wesley tells her that he doesn't grovel, and then turns back to Angel and begs, "Please don't fire me. What happened yesterday was an anomaly. I'm very rarely taken hostage." Angel says that's good to know, and that Wesley isn't fired. "It wasn't your fault, and you know what? You handled yourself very well." Wesley is overwhelmed, and declares himself to be Angel's "faithful servant." Why couldn't Wesley have been killed, and then they could have taken in Holistic Boy, who was much more likable and entertaining? Then Jhiera appears at the door. Cordy greets her by saying, "Can I get you something? Knife to our throat? You can run away?" Angel invites Jhiera into his office. She tells him that the girls are safe. He says, "I'm glad. But you nearly got Cordelia and Wesley killed." As far as I'm concerned, only part of that is a problem. Jhiera claims she had no choice, but Angel is having none of that. "If you vowed to protect the innocent, Jhiera, it shouldn't matter what dimension they're from." One problem with SF/fantasy shows is that lines like that make me giggle. Jhiera responds, "An easy sentiment, when your people are free." Angel says, "I'm not saying you shouldn't fight. Just know [that] I'll be there to stop you if you cross the line." Jhiera says, "I don't need an extra conscience. I'll do what I think is right," which translates to, "Whatever." Angel responds, "And I'll do the same." Jhiera says that they understand each other, and turns to go. She walks out the door, and we see her ko glowing as Angel stares after her. As a bonus, the closing credits featured some more geeky dancing from Angel and Wesley, and I'm really bummed that I didn't get it on tape.

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