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There's a blipverty soirée going on at Cordelia's when the show starts. Apparently she's suddenly made a whole new pack of friends in the big city. Among all the dancing couples, Wesley is getting down with his bad self. Cordy greets two newcomers, Laura and Diego, and asks Diego if he's going to behave himself. "Have you ever seen me at a party?" is his noncommittal response, as he hands her a bag of ice. Wesley tries to take a bite of some snack food while jerking his body about in an approximation of dancing, and ends up spilling food on the floor. Angel is standing by a bucket of ice, looking uncomfortable. Cordy asks if he's having fun. "Sure," he says unconvincingly, "this is, um..." "Your idea of hell?" Cordy finishes. Angel says, "Actually, in hell you tend to know a lot of the people." Cordy looks peeved, so Angel claims he's having a great time. She asks, "Can I get you some blood or anything?" "I'm good," Angel insists. Cordy goes off to chat with someone she identifies as, "David Paymer's brother, Steve." You can look David Paymer up at IMDb if you care, but no, you shouldn't recognize his name. ["Uh. I do. But then, I catalogue Hey! It's That Guy!s for a living." -- Wing Chun] Wesley boogies some more, and Angel watches with a wonderful expression of amused fascination as Wesley manages to fall over while doing some sort of shadow-boxing dance step. Cordy must be hanging out with a kinder group of people than she did in high school, because none of the other guests are staring and laughing at the astoundingly geeky Wesley, which is very nice of them. Wesley picks himself up and bops over toward Angel, who stares at him the way Mr. Spock would sometimes stare at Checkov. Wesley rubs some ice on his forehead, explaining that he needs to cool off, and then expounds on the appetizers: "These mini-reubens, with the little sauerkraut, the little Swiss -- what mad genius brought these into the world?" He gobbles one down, and says, "What say a couple of brooding demon-hunters start chatting up some of the fillies?" While Angel tries to formulate a response, a dark-haired starlet approaches them. She admires Wesley's sweater, which looks really heavy and warm and uncomfortable for a party in Los Angeles, and asks if it's hand-knit. "Certainly not by me!" Wesley blurts out, while Angel studies the floor intently to keep from laughing. The starlet insists that she just thinks it's an attractive sweater. Wesley says, "I'll pass that on, then. To the person who knit it. I mean, I would, if I knew who did it. But I don't. So I won't pass it on to anyone, will I?" Suitably bewildered, the girl leaves. I take it that Wesley knits?

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