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Sense & Sensitivity

Our story begins with Ninja Kate nabbing a guy named Spivey, who I think we can safely assume is a criminal of some sort. Kate knocks him down and complains, "You stood me up. You were going to come to the station and answer a few questions, remember?" He says he forgot, so Kate slams him against the car and cuffs him. She says, "You have the right to remain silent, but I wouldn't recommend it." Grrr. I bet Kate watches a lot of Dirty Harry movies. At the station, Kate shows Spivey some photos and he identifies the Central Casting mobster type in them as Little Tony Papazian, who has apparently vanished. ["From the bad-ass Greek Mafia? Whatever!" -- Wing Chun Ariano] "So you haven't seen him since the day this picture was taken?" Kate asks. "The day County Supervisor Caffrey was found murdered?" Spivey claims Caffrey's death was a suicide. Kate seems unconvinced, and mentions that Caffrey was shot in the back of the head, wrapped in plastic, and locked in the trunk of his car. We pan out of the box to some other detectives watching the interrogation. Spivey says he's not going to answer Kate's questions. She tells him to look at the pictures again. "Bite me," he responds. Kate shoves him against a wall and says, "Where is he?" The captioning has her saying, "You don't want to tell me? I'll make it so you can't." I don't know why they changed that, unless they decided that the LAPD has a bad enough reputation as is. The other cops race in, and the Jeremy Piven impersonator among them pulls Kate off of Spivey and out of the room. Cupid tells her that they don't know anyone who can find Little Tony. Oh, but I think we do.

And right now he's down in the sewers, battling something with a lot of big green tentacles. As Angel is knocked to and fro, Doyle and Cordy race up. "It's about time!" says Angel. Doyle says, "Not a lot of enchanted swordsmiths open on Sunday," and tosses a sword to Angel. Well, he has a point, I guess. Angel hacks off a tentacle and then stabs up, where we can see a lot of green skin through a hole in the ceiling. There's a demon death-wail as goo pours down. Angel says, "Make sure to cut off all the limbs and both heads this time. Remember to bury the parts separately. I don't want this thing coming back to life again." Heh. Angel strolls away, saying he's going to go "clean out the nest." Cordy complains, "Am I wrong in thinking that a 'please' and 'thank you' is [sic] generally considered good form when requesting a dismemberment?" While Cordy continues to complain about Angel's thoughtlessness, behind her a tentacle suddenly whips up around Doyle's neck. While Doyle gasps and struggles, she concludes, "He ignores the people that are closest to him, the people who matter the most, y'know? Can you say 'clueless'?"

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