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Once again, the "Previously on..." scenes encompass a good season and a half of WB programming. I'm tempted to ask someone who doesn't watch these shows to be a test subject, just to find out if these clips are at all helpful to new viewers, or if they only make it all even more confusing. Anyway, previously on Angel, Faith had a good cry.

Bloody but unbowed, Angel and Faith descend in the elevator to Angel's place. Angel sits Faith down on his bed and reassures her, "It's okay." Maybe he means his sheets are clean. He wraps a blanket around her, tells her to rest, tucks her in, and reminds her about the resting bit again. Then he puts her backpack on a chair directly in her line of sight and unnecessarily adds, "I'll put your stuff here." Then he says, "I'll be close," but he says it very quickly, and at first I thought he'd said, "I'll be gloves," and then I thought he'd said, "Hold me close," and then I figured it out. As he turns to leave the room, Faith calls him back. He turns, and Faith attacks him in a quick montage, only it turns out she doesn't. I'm not sure if that was meant to be Faith's fantasy, or Angel's fear, or maybe just something they filmed so that there'd be some action in the commercials for this episode. She finally says, "Nothing," and we get some credits.

Cordy has decided to accentuate her facial bruising by putting her hair up and wearing another crazy, sleeveless, midriff-baring, strappy top. She pokes around the office as Wesley enters with his own contusions. Cordy stares at him as if she's about to say, "I'm so embarrassed; we're wearing the same special effects makeup!" Wesley examines Cordy's face and finally says, "Bitch. Not you, obviously." He apologizes for what happened, and Cordy says it wasn't his fault. Wesley asks, "She's still here, I assume?" Cordy says that Angel gave Faith his bed, so I guess Cordy went downstairs to peek at her. Then Angel comes out of his office and asks Wesley how he's feeling. Wesley says he's "as well as can be expected," and with that, Angel forgets about Wesley and asks Cordy where the doughnuts are. She points the detective to the bright pink box by the coffee. After examining them, he asks if there are any jelly doughnuts. Stick your finger in the ones without holes and figure it out, Sherlock. Wesley asks, "Won't she find it difficult, enjoying delicious jelly-filled doughnuts, if she is, one assumes, bound and gagged?" Angel starts to say that he and Wesley discussed this last night. Wesley agrees that the police couldn't cope with someone with Faith's abilities, then adds, "I do not, however, understand why the woman who brutally tortured me last night, this morning gets pastries." Angel says he doesn't have any food downstairs, and asks if Wesley wants Faith to starve. Wesley says no, "There are far more humane ways to deal with a rabid animal." Angel says that Faith is a person, and that they aren't "in the business of giving up on people." Wesley complains about "coddling murderers," and Angel points out, "It wasn't long ago that you were the one making the case for her rehabilitation." Wesley replies, "It wasn't too long ago [that] I had full feeling in my right arm!" He adds that Faith is evil, and that Faith will kill again if Angel sets her free, and then stomps out.

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