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Faith, Dopes, and Asperity

Props to Johanna for the index poll, and to the DC TWoP-folk for luring me out of the house. Turns out there's a great big world out there, and it looks like the background of The West Wing. Weird.

Previously on Angel, it rained fire, the sun went away, and Angelus spilled everyone's secrets. Or not quite everyone's, as we discovered when Cordy killed Lilah. Wow, even the previouslys are blipverted now.

Angelus strolls down the Hyperion's hall to Lilah's bloody body. "That's no fun," he sniffs. Right there with you, buddy. I wanted to like this episode. I liked parts. But, I dunno: it was eh. I might have expected too much.

Gunn and Wesley march through the hotel. Gunn's got a new axe. He's already forgotten the hubcap axe and moved on. Which is sad, but I'm going to hope it's a promising sign about his feelings for Fred. They turn a corner and see Angelus drinking from Lilah. Angelus looks up and chuckles, "This isn't what it looks like." Gunn hurls the axe, but Angelus dodges it and mentions that Lilah is "a little too tart." Heh. As Gunn pulls out a stake, Angelus drops Lilah and quickly jumps out of a window at the end of the hall. Why is that window open? Maybe where that's where he came in. It would have been cooler if there'd been gratuitous breaking glass. I suppose there's enough of that later. Wesley stares at Lilah. Somewhere, Justine is giggling.

In the lobby, Connor pulls the arrow out of Cordy's thigh and Fred tends the wound. Gunn arrives and shares the bad news. Although not that bad, because Lilah wasn't exactly their best pal. Yet everyone looks stunned, and Cordy gasps, "Oh, God." Connor races away upstairs as Cordy looks to one side and ambiguously sighs, "It's started." Then she not-at-all-ambiguously smiles for a second.

Credits. This week's Boreanaz quote: "I think of myself as a clay pot, and the important people in my life kind of pick me up and paint me and shape me." Here's an odd thing: during that last scene, Scooter went nuts. I've got this wooden chew-toy thing for him that hangs from the top of the cage, and he wasn't so much gnawing it as attacking it. He was holding it with his front paws tearing into it like it had insulted his mother. I think seeing Angelus and Lilah inspired him or something.

She's dead. Wrapped in plastic. Gunn and Wesley finish wrapping plastic sheeting around Lilah's body as the others watch. Why are they bothering with the plastic? I mean, yeah, she'll drip blood on stuff. Have they noticed that they live in a barely-inhabitable hotel? It's not as if they've ever been worried about keeping things nice before. Plus, she's got one wound in her neck, so I'm not sure the full-body shroud is necessary. Connor closes the hall window and asks why everyone's just standing around. Wesley quietly says that they don't need to chase after Angelus: "He'll be back." Cordy agrees that Angelus will want to kill them all. Connor suggests that a pre-emptive staking would solve that problem, but Wesley says, "That's just the kind of reckless thinking that gave me the idea for desouling Angel in the first place." Okay, maybe he uses a different example, but the point is the same. Wesley goes back to staring at Lilah. Fred doesn't like the idea of playing And Then There Were None with Angelus, and wonders if they should start boarding up the hundreds of windows in the building. Cary suggests using the anti-violence spell that he had at Caritas. That's brilliant, unless Angelus remembers all the ways Cary's magical security systems didn't work. I guess Wesley can't have all the bad ideas. Cary says he'll call the Furies and see if they can tell him how to do the spell. Connor sulks about the MoG's reliance on magic, and Wesley intones, "We use whatever tools we have." Connor sniffs that the magic caused all their trouble: "That's why we're here, isn't it? Why he's loose?" Fred wonders why the resouling spell didn't work, and Cordy shrugs. Gunn asks how Cary could have thought Angelus was souled, and Cordy quickly insists that it's all her fault. Heh. Gunn blames "The Powers That sit on their Be-hinds," and complains about the useless visions until Connor interrupts, "We have to destroy her." He clarifies that he means Lilah, because she may have been vamped. It's still a cutely timed line, though. Gunn insists that there wasn't enough time for Lilah to have been sired, but Wesley pulls the axe out of the wall and says that he'll take care of it.

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