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"Funny" Strange, or "Funny" Ha-Ha?

Previously on...hey. Hey! There's nobody saying "Previously on Angel" as the clips start. How am I gonna know what the hell I'm watching? For all I know, this is Everwood. Fine. Previously on television, Fred gave Angel a baptism of gunfire, Cary made like Benny Hinn, the MoG were revived, and it was Connor's turn to play Judas.

The MoG stare at Connor as he calls for the Jasmaniacs from the hallway. Angel begs Connor to listen, but Connor sneers, "Listen to you? You're the ones who lie, you're the ones who hate!" Angel insists that Connor's being controlled by Jasmine, but Connor disagrees, saying, "It doesn't matter what you say. We're gonna tear you apart." He smiles a little at that, and his eyes light up. I absolutely adore how incredibly screwed up he is. Is that wrong? Connor turns to look down the hall as some Jasmaniacs approach. Angel rushes forward and closes the door. I'd grumble about Angel's failure to use the chain to close the door, but those things can be kicked open by normal people, never mind Connor. Angel holds the door while Connor starts pounding on it, and tells the others to go. He insists, "Someone who knows the truth has to live through this." The MoG stare for a second, and head for the windows.

The MoG clamber down the fire escape. Whee!

Angel is bounced against the door as Connor smashes into it. I could do without the "straight up Boreanaz's nose" camera angle here. Connor growls, "I'm finally part of something! I belong! And I won't let anyone ruin that!" We see Connor outside crashing into the door, and they should get a rubber door for him or something, because it sure doesn't look like he's hitting the door with the same force that's jolting Angel. Connor punches a hole through the door near Angel's head, and then spins around, for some reason. And the door is miraculously healed! Oops. The door's still broken on Angel's side. He whispers, "I know, son," and then crashes through the door and tackles Connor, then starts pummeling him. The Jasmaniacs -- who are sure taking their sweet time -- finally arrive and start picking up bits of the broken door while Angel concentrates on beating his kid senseless. I guess Jasmine wants everything to be tidy.

The Angelmobile screeches up and halts by the fire escape as the MoG wait for Angel. Gunn suggests cutting the power to create a distraction. Wesley says it's too risky. He starts to go on a bit, and then an unconscious, bloody Connor suddenly crashes onto the hood of the car. He's okay -- the car broke his fall. Angel lands immediately afterward, and then hops off the car and slides Connor off the hood. Angel gets in the car and says, "Drive." Fred whines, "We can't just leave him; he's your --" Angel snaps, "I know what he is. Wes, drive." Wow, poor Angel. Wow, I can't believe I just said that. Wesley sorta shrugs, like, "All righty, then," and I start wondering if they're about to run Connor over, because he's right in front of the car. I mean, the kid's bad news and all, but that's just cold. Then the MoG see a bunch of Jasmaniacs entering the alley, with Jasmine bringing up the rear. Wesley puts the car in reverse and backs up before spinning around and racing away. Jasmine stares after the car.

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