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At the office, Cordelia is re-enacting her audition for a commercial while Doyle watches. Doyle is wearing yet another shirt that he must have stolen from Pacey. Can't the WB afford separate wardrobes for its shows? The phone rings, but Cordy keeps talking until Doyle asks if she plans to answer the phone, at which point Angel appears in the doorway to add, "Good question." Uh oh, the boss is here! Cordy tries to answer the phone but the answering machine has already picked up. Turns out it's someone improbably named "Aura" calling to chat with Cordelia. Cordy reaches for the phone, but then decides not to answer. When Doyle asks why, Cordy says that between her sucky apartment and failing acting career, she's "not up for leading the parade of pain." Doyle suggests that if her place is that bad, Cordy could spend a night at his apartment sometime. Swing...and a miss! Cordy calls goodnight to Angel and leaves.

Angel is reading in his office when Doyle enters and demands to know all about Cordy. Angel offers, "Well, I know that she can't type or file...until today I had some hope regarding the phone." Asked who Aura is, Angel explains that she's one of Cordy's old Sunnydale pals, and claims that "people called them the Cordettes," which I don't remember happening, plus I thought Harmony was the leader of their little gang. They repeat the fact that Cordy used to be rich, and now she isn't. Cordy arrives home to find her door lock sticking, her lights flickering, her water faucets spewing sludge, and roaches crawling on her TV. Big ones, too. Ew. She calls the manager to ask why the exterminators haven't come. While on the phone, something crunches under her foot. Yup, now there's squished roaches on the carpet. Ew, ew, ew. Cordy searches for Doyle's phone number. I don't like bugs, so already this episode is working on me. Doyle hurries into his apartment to answer the ringing phone, but is interrupted when someone inside says, "Hello Doyle." He turns to see a dapper demon of color behind him.

After the credits, Doyle tries to sweet-talk the demon, who is demanding money. This works about as well as it does when he tries it on Cordelia. This particular demon has a number of spikes poking out over his head and along his jawline, but he's wearing a nice jacket so I don't think he's so bad. Doyle claims he has the money, and starts to open a dresser drawer. The demon slams the drawer on Doyle's hand and asks, "You're not stupid enough to have a gun in there, right?" Doyle denies any subterfuge, pulls the drawer all the way out, and then clobbers the demon with the drawer and scampers away.

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