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A big shout-out to Joe Bob, who I'm not stalking at all, and props to MisterAlex. Props also to Tim Minear and Shawn Ryan, for giving me such a good episode of Angel as a Christmas present.

Previously on Angel, Angel bit Kate, and Drusilla bit Darla. Wesley just bit.

Gunn hauls Angel into the Hyperion, shouting for help. Wesley and Cordelia come out, and Angel is deposited on the sofa where he babbles that there's no time. He's dazed and confused, and I don't blame him. Anyone would feel dizzy looking at Cordy's shirt, which reminds me of those pink cupcake wrappers with little colored specks that your mom used when she made treats for your first-grade class on your birthday. She (Cordy, not your mom) is also wearing purple pants. Her hair is the crowning touch to her Lovecraftian look. And then there's Wesley's plaid sweater, in varying shades of ugly. Gunn explains that Angel called him from Darla's motel room. Or maybe, if you believe the captioning, he says that Angel was coming from the motel. "Calling" makes more sense, though, so I'm going with that. Gunn skips lightly over the fact that he "managed to get [Angel] to the truck without [Angel's] bursting into flames." Angel's more incoherent than usual, so it takes a while, but they finally understand that Drusilla has worked that old vamp magic on Darla. Cordy and Wesley are horrified, while Gunn, who seems to be trapped in the unpleasant role of "voice of the new viewer," wants to know who Drusilla is. Angel starts rummaging about in his office. "I have to find her," he says as he peers inside a credenza. Gunn says, "She probably ain't in there," showing that he moonlights as "voice of the recapper." Angel insists that he can save Darla. Wesley suggests that it might be a little late for Darla-saving, since "come nightfall she will rise again." Angel finally finishes his credenza-peering (which is illegal in nineteen states, by the way), pulls out a stake, and explains, "I can save her from that." Does it still count as "saving" at that point? If so, maybe Buffy should rethink her job description. "Buffy the Former-Human-Being Saver" isn't quite as catchy, though.

After the credits, Gunn goes over the tangled story so far, checking his facts: "Drusilla goes and bites Darla, makin' her a vampire again." Wesley sits back from the iBook to say, "That's the cosmological upshot, yes." "Cosmological"? Turns out that Gunn's just taking a labored route to get to the "Darla's her own grandma" punchline. Well, that was worth our time. Angel wanders in and pulls a beaker of blood out of the fridge. He's gone totally off the coffee, I take it. Wesley tells Angel that sunset was six minutes ago, and sunrise will be at 6:15 AM. He went online for that? Someone as bookish as Wesley doesn't have an almanac? ["Even I have an almanac, and I never go outside, either." -- Wing Chun] Anyway, Angel is super-helpful when he observes, "It could happen any time before then." Cordelia, still dressed as a Barbie from the 1960s, says that, according to a secretary, Lindsey is in a meeting. Angel pulls on his coat, dismisses the idea that Lindsey is at the Wolfram & Hart building, and declares that he's headed for Lindsey's apartment. The MoG want to tag along, but Angel's having none of that. Cordy points out that Angel can't get into Lindsey's apartment uninvited. Angel huffily responds, "He already invited me in once. This time when I kick that door down, I go through it. Alone." He stomps away, leaving the MoG looking like a poster for non-fashion victims.

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