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Losing Faith?

Previously on Angel, Cordy looped her line about how the rain of fire and sun-loss were "the first steps to something bigger." I wonder why they redid that, because her reading is really flat. Much like the way she said "you stupid bitch" a few weeks ago. Now I wonder if that was looped, too. Right, so last week, Faith broke out, broke hearts, and almost got broken.

Wesley's feet walk into Wesley's apartment. Faith's feet follow. Was this episode directed by the Fear Demon? Blood drips down onto the floor by Faith's feet. Artsy. The camera operator suddenly wakes up and tilts the camera back to eye level as Wesley returns with...a hand towel. Shouldn't he at least have a first aid kit? After getting another look at Faith's bloodied face he finally decides bandages might be appropriate, but Faith insists that she just needs a shower. He asks if she's okay. Faith says, "A little sticky," and within minutes that becomes the title of several extremely disturbing fanfic stories. Poor Faith. She returns the towel before leaving the room.

The foot-cam briefly returns in the bathroom. Faith undresses. But it's actually pretty tasteful, and effective, as we see her bloody skin and various welts and...well, blech. She gets into the shower and there's a Carrie-esque shot of blood dripping down her legs. My goodness, she has teeny little feet. Then there's a long, strange shot of Faith with the water rushing past the camera. I think it's meant to look like she's under the spray when she isn't. And the water would probably wash away the bloody makeup, so I understand that part. But this shot goes on for a while and it looks stranger and stranger the longer I look at it. Faith stares into space, and suddenly punches the wall of the shower. And then she freaks out, busting up the wall and shrieking. And then she stops. A guitar riff starts up as she finally puts her head under the water.

Cut to the demon/vampire bar. A vamp chick sends the waitress over with a glass of blood for Angelus. He accepts it with a wave and turns back to the vamps at his table with a sneering "As if." He goes back to telling the gang about how Satan beat up Faith, and then he killed Satan. From the bar, a demon snaps, "Yeah, soul-boy, nice job bringing the sun back." Angelus smiles around the table.

The demon looks up to see Angelus next to him, and nervously offers to buy Angelus "a warm one." Heh. Angelus says that can wait until after he rips out the demon's windpipe, "so it stops making that annoying talky sound." The demon suddenly starts barking and insists that he has Tourette's Syndrome. Angelus says, "[Tourette's] causes uncontrollable impulses -- like yankin' out throats." As he squeezes the demon's neck, a spooky (but not that spooky) voice says "Hello, Angelus. It's time we had that talk." Angelus looks around, puzzled.

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